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Renault Cuts Lodgy Price by Rs1 lakh

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Renault cuts the price of Lodgy car by upto Rs.1 lakh to push up the sales of the MPV. The price drop is only for the 85 PS variants of Lodgy and the prices of the 110 PS variants of the car is left untouched.
Since its launch in April 2015, Lodgy was not much successful for Renault as expected. In April 2016, only 391 units of Lodgy were sold which increased to a number of 730 in May 2016. To maintain this increase in sales unit, the prices ofLodgy have been reduced by Renault.
Available in four trim levels, the revised price details of the 85 PS variants of Lodgy are as follows.
Renault Lodgy 85 PS STD – Rs. 7,58,831 (Reduced by Rs.96,000)
Renault Lodgy 85 PS RXE – Rs. 8,56,831 (Reduced by Rs.80,000)
Renault Lodgy 85 PS RXL – Rs. 9,43,831 (Reduced by Rs.55,000)
Renault Lodgy 85 PS RXZ – Rs. 10,99,000 (Reduced by Rs.34,000)
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