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Real life vs Virtual Relationships

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Dear editor,
The tendency to talk arbitrary about people’s public and private life has now become a cause of trouble for common people too. In our social and family environment, the habit of commenting on a person’s wrong or right thoughts and behavior has always made life difficult. Not only others, but even our own people do not miss the opportunity of hurling taunts and accusations without knowing all the aspects of any incident. Hurt a person or family who is already suffering circumstantial pain.
This behavior of delivery has now been further expanded by technical platforms. It is seen that even simple incidents are made controversial and are turned into satire to a great extent in the dialogue taking place on virtual mediums. This behavior called ‘trolling’ in the virtual world is leading people to the point of committing suicide. Recently, an IT professional mother committed suicide due to trolling in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is noteworthy that the daughter of a thirty-three year old woman slipped from her lap and got stuck on the balcony. the neighborhood These people saved the girl after fifteen minutes of effort, but the video of that incident got circulated on social media. After that, people in the virtual world started criticizing the woman. Her trolling started. Someone called her a careless mother, while someone gave harsh words of advice to take proper care of the child. The situation was made such that the woman went into depression after the incident. Whereas this incident was not the result of any deliberate mistake. Why did people not understand that an educated, alert mother takes care of her child? Why would you be careless? Why did people not even have time to think about the reason for this incident in their blind race to curse him?
It is worth considering that such an accident can happen to anyone. The most painful aspect of this incident is that the taunts and reproaches given as a punishment for no fault of hers took away her mother from an innocent girl. Although joint efforts are being made for the welfare and safety of this innocent child, there are countless questions regarding such thinking.
In recent years, most of the virtual media have become a hotbed of insinuations, accusations and ridicule., Common people also fall prey to ‘trolling’ in the name of unnecessary advice due to some life-related incident or accident. This behavior of making a big deal out of things is really making life difficult. Such a combination of insult and ridicule can shatter anyone’s mood. Be it a simple picture or a family event, an incident related to social life or a personal thought, ‘trolling’ on social media platforms that have come into existence for mutual connection has become a sad problem.
Some time before Uttar Pradesh 10th board exam A girl who came first was ‘trolled’ a lot on social media because of the hair visible on her face. It would be unfortunate that instead of paying attention to the marks obtained by a student, the year’s hard work and academic commitment, a large section of the society wrote strange things on social media platforms. People started criticizing the girl who should have been praised for her success. Pictures and comments making fun of the hair visible on his face were viral on social media. someone’s person Why and how is this inhuman behavior of commenting on life taking root? Why have technological facilities made people engrossed in the virtual world so unconscious that they have started making mistakes not only in the famous faces but also in the personal lives of common people?
Now, there is neither a feeling of understanding anyone’s suffering nor acceptance of any happy outcome that emerges from simple situations, due to which meaningless squabbles are resulting in horrific circumstances of snatching someone’s life. In fact, the meaningful meaning of ‘online’ discussions is lost somewhere.
Meaningful dialogue has been replaced by a distorted mentality of insensitivity and hatred. What is also sad is that all this is happening in shared communication between strangers. Most of the unknown and unseen faces are made victims of this mentality of hatred and unnecessary abuse. An anonymous person who deliberately starts a debate with the purpose of provoking a response from an individual or group. Not only this, by giving inflammatory or aggressive comments, a crowd becomes a part of this dialogue in the virtual world.
In recent years, whether common or special, everyone has started becoming the target of such people with negative mentality. Comments and reactions aimed at making someone angry, self-deprecating or instilling guilt are now seen on social media every day.
The irony is that this online Abuse also increases the difficulties of its victims in the real world. Many people, distressed and disturbed by this irrational behavior of the mob which causes emotional injury, take steps like suicide.
Women are made victims of ‘trolling’ in every matter. Sometimes taunts are made regarding physical appearance and sometimes a woman is criticized for her thoughts. Overall, this circle of virtual harassment creates an uneasy environment for the targeted person. In such a situation, before saying anything about any subject, incident or accident, it is necessary to understand it with pause. It is very important. It has happened that people should not turn the facilities provided by technology into a craze.
Through your esteemed daily, I would appeal all to think before we speak and we must understand that only human understanding and concerned thinking can stop this evil.
Vijay Garg

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