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Tobacco is injurious to health. Most of the people in India consume tobacco. Everyday people will be seen consuming intoxicants like tobacco, Gutkha in paan shops and public places. Tobacco increases the risk of cancer. Today, many parts of the country are banning the consumption, sale and purchase of tobacco. Smoking is not being banned as much as it is being imposed on buying and selling of tobacco. The government should also act strictly on the smokers. If people smoke, they can potentially get lung cancer. Along with these life-threatening diseases, tobacco use increases the chances of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), high blood pressure and premature heart attack. Tobacco and the carcinogens that come with the product can cause many health problems in the future. Most cigarettes contain substances such as tobacco and nicotine. If a woman smokes or consumes tobacco during pregnancy, it is dangerous for her and her unborn child. Due to this the child is born weak and its weight also decreases.
By taking necessary steps, the government has banned tobacco in many places. People work hard day and night and buy tobacco with that money. Due to this, his life goes to such a turn that he is not able to improve it even if he wants to. To consume tobacco is to invite death. People need to control this. Drug addiction makes a person mentally and physically weak. Actually tobacco is being curbed. Its international business is not particularly good. Together we all have to make an effort that all people stay away from habits like tobacco and smoking and stay safe as well. Now the time has come that not only warning should be given on cigarette packets but its sale should be stopped. When drugs are not sold, people will not consume them either.Quitting tobacco is good for a person. Many institutions have been opened to get rid of tobacco. In order to spread awareness among the people in cinema houses, the bad effects of tobacco consumption are also told. This is so that people stay away from these bad habits and they do not have to lose their lives.

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