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Proxy leaders

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Rats abandon sinking ships, while leaders of men stay with their teams closely in times of crisis sharing their pains, difficulties to give solace, encouragement and provide guidance, help and muster remedies to overcome crisis.  The trend in Kalayug has reversed.
In 1990 when crisis of terror flooded Kashmir Valley, mayhem was on, women outraged, threats were broadcast, men killed and vast population of the original Kashmiri community was driven out of their ancestral land, homes, orchards, temples and institutes. Only the anti-national elements stayed back to bolster crimes. The so called political leadership vanished from the scene. Some went into hiding within the country and some went abroad to reappear only when the next elections were in sight to claim their share of loaf and the lavish funding from the Central Government.
This time nature caused the calamity and once again political leadership vanished from the scene. Following their masters the administration also disappeared and ‘public servants’ were nowhere to be seen. There was no reason for every single legislator not to be in their respective constituency that (mis) placed their faith in them. There was no reason for them not to be seeking, guiding, organising rescue and ensuring fair distribution of relief material to the neediest and the weakest abundantly donated by the nation. With secretariat in summer capital-there was no justification for absolute absence of leaders and there is not even a talk of holding the absentees responsible and initiating action against this criminal dereliction of duty, cowardice, apathy and indifference.
On the Gandhi Jayanti nation celebrated the Birth Anniversary of the Father of the Nation. A cleaning drive was the noblest way to pay tributes to the great Mahatma. All sections of society in the country took on the Swachhata Abhiyan. The world saw it with awe. Even troops across the IB and LoC were impacted and seen cleaning their posts.
The only exception was made by the Kashmir based sub-regional political parties; where it was needed most. Congress with Gandhiyan roots also abstained Swachhata for Gandhi, a name they have misused, faked and exploited for 65 years… CM is reported attending his school’s function in HP….. what a proxy leadership!

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