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Population explosion in India


Dear Editor,
Please allow me the hospitality of the columns of your esteemed paper to highlighting the factors responsible for causing population Explosion in free India. Population explosion is one of the serious problems being faced by our developing country. Although it has definitely made great progress in each and every field yet it is facing her growing population. We are touching 140 crore till 2022 and likely to be crossed over the most populated country of the world China by the year 2030. Now China has got controlled over her population by adopting the policy of one family for one child. Before the situation becomes uncontrollable certain strict preventive measures are to be implemented by the central Government with the proposal to introducing a bill in the ensuing winter session of the Parliament. Otherwise we will have more men to feed everyday.
We will have more houses to be built. As much our population is increasing so much our land is decreasing to feed its fast growing population. Already 20 crore people are living below the poverty line.
Moreover population explosion has given birth to many ills. Poverty is at the top of these ills. We will have to face more unemployment in the rural as well as in the urban areas. Standard of our living will be grown low. Spread of education could become a great problem. Another problem of illiterate people would likely to be added. Facilities of health services to be provided to the people could become greater problem for the Govt. Our progress especially in the field of agriculture would definitely become not smooth.
Population growth should have been controlled earlier. If not controlled earlier, now it becomes our moral duty to bridle its fast growth. The first and foremost remedy to check population growth is the spread of education. All people should know the importance and significance of family planning already initiated by the Congress Govt. should be forwarded ahead compulsorily with the aim that the Government service should be given to those who would adopt the policy of Hum Do Aur Hmare Do (We two and ours Two).
Fast population growth must be controlled irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed, colour and language otherwise imbalance of population would prove to be burden upon us as we will not be able to have enough food to feed fast growing population besides other resources would become fall short of rather there has to be a balance among the communities in the country.
It is worthwhile to mention here that vote bank policies must be avoided which is only promoting huge corruption among the political parties by the race of making false promises to be made to the gullible people to providing them freebies.
Population explosion is as dangerous to the country as the global warming and climate change is dangerous to the planet. Now the question arises as to who are responsible for such population explosion in India. To tell you the truth is that the Muslims, the labour class of Scheduled Caste and also of the upper caste people/OBC who are less educated have more children than those who are educated ones.
Now following are the measures to be adopted by the Govt of India. For those who have more than ten children no facilities such as employment opportunities, free ration from the Government depots, no relaxation in getting electricity/water connection, no relaxation in traveling by trains.
All the NGOs including mass-media have failed playing there constructive roles creating awareness amongst these dropouts. It is a moot question for us here to be discussed if this explosion remains allowed as it is to be going on, one day will come India has to be faced hunger problem on a larger scale as it would not be able to feed its explosive population so it is urged upon the Govt. of India not to be passive to initiate hot discussion on this unavoidable topic in the Parliament by piloting a comprehensive policy bill as it is a great hurdle rather stumbling block in the development of the country. So far, as many big projects planned to be completed by the Government of India; are surely going to be completed at this time.
Had this bigger project of population explosion been started earlier well in time, it would also have been got somewhat controlled at this time. We did have wasted a lot of time in getting population explosion under control. Leaving all other things set aside, Government of India must think of seriously awarding top priority on this greater problem.
Tara Chand Bhagat,
Talab Tillo, Jammu.

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