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Politics of probity

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Dear Editor,
The Indian National Congress, a party that is over a century old, is being viewed as a withering tree. Many of its rotten and ripe fruits are falling in the lap of the BJP. One does not feel uncomfortable when a serial turncoat like Rita Bahuguna dons saffron, but when a dedicated Congressman like S. M Krishna, the former Chief Minister and External Affairs Minister, falls prey to the noveau liberals it is intriguing. With the BJP trying to ape the Congress, all the previously shunned deserters and even the scum of society can hope to be taken into the fold of respectability. To save the Nehruvian order from becoming extinct, the Congress has to introspect and reinvent itself by adopting clean politics of probity and morality. This may eventually bear better fruit.
Laljas Singh,
via email

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