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Pak has not learned from its mistakes yet

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Cross-border aggression in the shape of mortar shelling and machine- gun firing across whole of the International Border and Line of Control measuring about 192 km in length by the Pakistan Rangers had rendered the people along both sides of the border to live without sleep for the last many days.  Indian border line in the shape of a lean belts comprising  throughout the state from Poonch, Rajouri, Akhnoor , Pargwal, Samba, Mandal,  R.S.Pura,  Arnia, Jerda, Naryanpur, S. M Pur, Balar, Kamore  Front Post, Bain-Glar, Chachwal, Thali, Kangwala,Sarthian, Sadoh,Rangoor Camp, Nanga, Nathwal, Chambalyal, Jassuchak, Loundi of Hiranagar belt towards the Kathua belt had been illuminated with the mortar shells and machine- gun firing across the border for the last few days by the Pakistani Rangers which coerced the Indian Army as well as BSF to retaliate in the same manner which once again had given a very clear message to both the nations that it is a menace in the full- fledged development of the people across the border line. Despite knowing about her lot of deficiencies Pakistan had rendered with its habit to involve itself in such kind of intention whereas it had been a deal of total loss as we have already watched in historical background of it.
The recent attack by the Pakistani Rangers at Arnia had left five dead and 34 injured critically who are being treated in the GMC in Jammu. In this incident the two spots known as Kaku de Kothe, and Mashe de Kothe in which these casualties had been noticed, as it rendered the surrounding people live with horror. So Indian Army as well as BSF had decided to retaliate the Pakistani Rangers with iron hand as they begin to retaliate with the mortar shells and firing with likeminded reply.
Involvement in such kind of brutal acts is among the philosophy of Pakistan which can be found out from its last intention of warlike in 1965 and 1971 since then it had turned its way of retaliation in the manners of cross border terrorism and cross border shelling as well as machine gun – firings over the innocent people living across the Line of Control and International Border  on the Indian side.
It was so when Pakistani Rangers had opened fire over the innocent Indian dwellings in the Arnia sector on Sunday night covering 10 BOPs of the BSF and civilians in the night. It might have happened first time after the 1992 that shelling and heavy firing along the Loc and IB in which civilians are targeted on a large scale in almost 130 villages flourishing along this belt.
Despite this incidence there in the Arnia sector following the Poonch and Rajoury it had moved towards the Samba District mainly at the Chachwal, Balarpost, Kamore Post, Bainglar, Sarthian etc (more than 60 BOPs) where a recent attack killed the two inmates Shakuntla Devi and Poli Devi of the same family and injured the six others of this village which has caused a furore among the people living across the border throughout the Jammu, Samba, Kathua Districts. Owing to which the residents are living with the complete horror outside their dwellings inside the non-stationary shelters managed by the administration of the concerned districts as well as Tehsils of the regions. This incident had affected more than 30 thousand people living along the IB from Jammu, Samba and Kathua.
As per sources more than nine domestic animals had been demised in this shelling and number of them are in the injured state still. Few days back Sarbjeet Singhof Nandpur (Jerda ) had told  the media persons that that his two domestic animals had been killed on spot by the  shelling. As they were grazing in the fields and Pakistani Rangers had directly hit them and killed them on the spot, similar incidents pertaining to the domestic animal targeted had been noticed in the Nanga, Chellerian, Thali etc. while attacking the Indian territory Pakistani Rangers had  more than 60 BOPs of the BSF along the Jammu,Samba, Kathua IB and LoC. According to sources about  nine  jawans including BSF and Indian Army had been injured in this cross border firing also.
While visiting the non-stationary camps  of  evacuated people at different venues during an interaction Chander Shekhar  (Sarpanch) told of  that region along the Samba IB had been affected very badly owing to which we are accommodated in the Ghagwal Hr Secondary School camp where the administration had providing them with all kinds of civic amenities and food item to all of them but survival of their kiths and kin in the shape of their domestic animals and crop fields had been continuously persecuting them at every hour of the day. While interacting he told that the present generation is not so durable to face such crisis for many days therefore we wanted to solve this tension or a full-fledged war should be imposed in order to make pressure on.
Parshotam  Lal (Panch) of  village Thali told that during this shelling our students, pregnant women, infants and animals are worst sufferers as proper care for them is a far concept during this disturbance, as supply of commodities like milk, medicines, schools, fodder, etc may not be possible inside these shelters therefore we are facing problems to a great extent. It is supported by many of them like-Manna Ram (a retired personnel of Para-military force), Chunni Lal, Tara Chand, Sukhdev, Jyoti Devi, Kamlo devi, Darshan Lal, Rani, Devi, Ajit Singh, Ashok Kumar, Parveen Kumar, Raju, Harish, etc of different migrant camps in the Samba, Kathua, Jammu Districts.
During shelling by Pakistani Rangers the most affected villages are Arnia of the Bishnah and Chellerian, Nanga of the Samba, where lastly a shell targeted a house wall and injured Darshan  Lal and his wife Rani Devi among his son Sunil  Kumar (17). Army and BSF retaliated giving, the Pakistani Rangers a befitting reply in which its BOPs had been completely damaged and caused a huge kind of loss to them. Therefore Pakistan should learn the lesson of maintaining truce along the IB and LoC in the future and dare not to impose any kind of danger on the civilian, BSF and Indian Army.

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