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Nundraaz Temple Committee Ashmuji organizes Maha Yagya on Navratri

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JAMMU: The displaced Kashmiri Pandits organized a Maha Yagya on the occasion of Navratri in Jammu’s capital city to seek the blessings of Navdurga and Nundraaz.
The two-day long Yagya was organized by the newly formed Nundraaz Mandir Prabandik Committee Ashmuji (NMPC) at Swami Mahesh Bharti Ashram in lower Roopnagar.
Devotees in the hundreds enthusiastically participated in the Hawan, a spiritual ceremony conducted for the first time by NMPC in the last 35 years in exile. The Shri Nundraaz temple, dedicated to Nunkeshwar Bhairava, is located in the village of Ashmuji in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district. All the Bharadari members, along with their families and extended families of their daughters, participated. It was the first holy function of the people of village Ashmuji in Jammu during the last 35 years of exile. Amid chanting of Mantras and Shlokas, the Yagya, presided over by Guru Pran Nath and led by Anil Bhat, was organized to pray for peace, progress, and prosperity of the community and Sanatan Dharma.Leelas and Bhajans were sung at the occasion, and Prasad was served to devotees.
The committee, headed by Ramesh Bhat, took a decision to hold the Yagya and saud that they will start the process of construction of a temple and Bhawan dedicated to the deity Shri Nandraaz ji. General Secretary Sanjay Bhat thanked the Biradari for wholeheartedly taking part in the holy function.
Bhat said that they organized this Hawan program on the occasion in devotion of Shri Nundraaz ji after 35 years. Apart from the community, prominent volunteers and office bearers present were P N Bhat, M L Bhat, C L Bhat, Mahesh Pandita, Suresh Pandita, Rakesh Bhat, Bansi Lal Raina, Ramesh Bhat, Bhai, Mintu, Anil Bhat, Sunil, Sunil Bhat, Rakesh Pandita, Sandeep Koul, Roop Krishen Bhat, Ramesh, and Raman Raina made the function a success.

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