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Not Dragon or Jihadis; Congress-Pseudo Liberal-Naxal Gang real threat to India



JAMMU: Having faced stiff resistance from the Narendra Modi’s India on Galwan Hills along Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, China is in quandary over real time challenge to its hegemony and the self-assumed super power role in the Asian region, which is why unlike Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, the Dragon is playing hide and seek with the world’s largest democracy quite often. Pakistan, a Chinese lackey, is of no consequence, as its birth is based on India and Hindu bashing.

Militarily and economically, India is a force to reckon with in the South Asian region. In fact, China also owed its economic super status to its greatest populist and biggest populated Indian market. Sri Lanka’s crippled economy is now a biggest shocker for the sovereign nations, thanks to Chinese deceit and deception. Pakistan is following the suit, courtesy China in a way. The rogue neighbor in the backyards is struggling to pay off Chinese loans, facing FAAT category tag and threatened of being blacklisted for its dubious role in Afghanistan. But for aiding, abetting and sponsoring terrorism in India, Pakistan cannot dare fight this great nation. It is sustaining proxy war against India with the support of traitors and Jihadis within the Indian state, hitherto in the Kashmir Valley and lately spreading tentacles across the country through radicalized fanatics.
People’s Republic of China is also traversing the suicidal path of economic degeneration after getting entangled with Taiwan, supported by USA, Japan and the other European countries. Russia has been in the midst of the Ukraine conflict for 165 days now. Chinese are barking on LAC to challenge the mighty India-which is not the India of 1962 under the Congress. It is the new India of Modi that is capable of responding to the arm-twisting maneuvers of the venomous Dragon.
Hindu Nepal and Bhutan are friends with India and thus can’t even dare to invade this country. Russian friendship has withstood the test of times. The world saw how India came to the rescue of crumbled Sri Lanka last month. The island nation is seeing only hope in her big brother nation of India. Bangladesh, liberated by India for the suppressed people of the then West Pakistan, has emerged as a new breeding ground for facilitating terrorists to bruise Indian psyche. Though engaged in vandalizing temples and killing miniscule minority of Hindus, Bangladeshi’s have no guts to challenge the might of India.
This being the scenario across the South Asian region, it is actually not the neighbouring countries including hostile China and Pakistan that can harm the Indian interest. The real threat to the country’s integrity and sovereignty comes unfortunately from the traitors within. They are weakening India’s social and cultural fabric and jeopardizing the security of the nation.
Led by the Congress, Pseudo-liberal-Naxal Gang is a real threat to the Indian nation. Most of these parties are being financed by the anti-India lobby, comprising various countries, across the world to weaken the foundations of the land of the greatest global civilization.
The role of the Congress has remained dubious since independence. Pioneer of the ‘Chini-Hindi Bhai Bhai’ slogan, the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru remained mute spectator to the Chinese backstab in 1962. Egoistic and authoritarian Nehru ignored the counsel of his deputy Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who wrote to him on November 7, 1950, “The Chinese government has tried to delude us by professions of peaceful intention… They managed to instill into our Ambassador a false sense of confidence in their so-called desire to settle the Tibetan problem by peaceful means… The action of the Chinese, in my judgment, is a little short of perfidy.”
The iron-man had also pointed out about the reality of the India-China relationship,”… even though we regard ourselves as friends of China, the Chinese do not regard us as their friends. With the Communist mentality of ‘whoever is not with them being against them’, this is a significant pointer, of which we have taken due note.”
According to former Finance Minister late Arun Jaitley, India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru was the ‘original sinner’ who favoured China over India for permanent membership in the UN Security Council. His assertion obviously refers to Washington’s feeler sent to New Delhi in August 1950 through the Indian Ambassador in the U.S., mentioning the American desire to remove China from permanent membership of the UNSC and possibly replace it with India. The allegation that Nehru refused to take this suggestion seriously and thus abdicated India’s opportunity to become a permanent member of the UNSC is the result of the critics’ inability to comprehend the complexity of the international situation in the early 1950s and the very tentative nature of the inquiry (The Hindu March 18, 2019).
The Congress’ mindset of harming the Indian interest has not changed even after seven decades of independence. Memories are still fresh of how the opposition-the Congress, Communists and others tried to put the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force in dock over successes in Doklam and Galwan or for that matter surgical strikes in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on 29 September 2016 and later Balakote Air Strike. Nehru-Gandhi scion, Rahul Gandhi and his Congress is not missing any opportunity to seek evidence of the country’s valour but also cornering India in the national and international forums over, what they say, the nation’s submission to China in eastern Ladakh. And what hypocrisy and duplicity. During the Doklam stand-off Rahul Gandhi had a meeting with the Chinese ambassador in India, which he first denied but shamelessly acknowledged when the envoy himself confirmed that the then Congress Vice President had come to meet him. The worst has been the role of the Communists, radicalised Jihadis, pseudo seculars and liberals in India.
Now, it is for Modi’s New India to treat the traitors with iron hand.

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