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More than NIA raids, Kashmiris indifference rattles Hurriyat

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JAMMU: Hurriyat separatists are in quandary. They don’t know how to come to terms with the fact that people of the Valley have virtually abandoned them by not reacting feverishly to the raids currently being conducted by National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is why they have just called for peaceful protests post-Friday prayers against, what they say, “the witch-hunt, coercion and intimidation of resistance activists, leaders and members of business community”. It speaks a lot. It betrays their confidence in calling a shut-down for the fear of being ignored by the people. That will be a huge embarrassment for them and their masters in Pakistan. They don’t want to risk their relevance in Kashmir theatre, notwithstanding the fact that they have already become spent force.
The exposed separatists are brazenly trying to play victimhood. They say, “it has been for the masses life for pro-freedom leadership, activists and workers was never to be expected to be a bed of roses. The leadership knows that being in the forefront of representing a subjugated people’s political aspirations and rights they will be subject to all kinds of pressures and harassment at the hands of those from whom they are seeking their rights”.
In a democratic country, the separatists have freedom to express themselves but why should they be selective. Why don’t they answer about the sops they have been receiving from New Delhi in terms of concessions, security, free travels, medicare etc? They should explain the compulsions of accepting these notwithstanding their mission to strive for seeking “subjugated people’s political aspirations”.
The indifference of the people to their present plight is a befitting reply to separatists for their deceit, treachery and self-goals. They stand exposed as ‘executors’ of own people for the sake of few bucks. They get funds in lieu of poor Kashmiris’ blood to live king-size lives in palatial houses with fleet of SUVs. The separatists, led by hardcore hawk Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar and Yasin Malik have been eulogizing Kashmiri youth as ‘martyrs’ and ‘freedom fighters’. In one of his sermons, Geelani had said, “Our beloved youths are consciously adopting the path of brave hearts against the forced and illegal military occupation of India and they are sacrificing their ‘youthhood’  (sic) for the better future of their nation but the cruel and merciless forces of India are also killing our those innocent and unarmed students who have no arms in their hands and whose only crime is that they take part in the peaceful protest demonstrations.” The likes of Geelani would have certainly deserved a pat for his forthrightness, had any of their kin volunteered to ‘adopt the path of brave hearts’. That has not happened. They have been bestowing this honour to children of poor Kashmiris by indoctrinating and exploiting them. Those getting killed in Kashmir are not kin of Geelanis, Maliks, Bhats, Lones or Shahs. They are the sons of faceless poor Gulla, Sulla and Jalla. They are the hopes of old parents or brothers of young sisters. They are the daily earners of their poor families. They may be anything for their families, but they mean nothing to these money launderers and cheats who showcase their ‘sacrifices’ for flourishing their enterprise. Nobody has heard of sons of Gilani carrying AK 47 or kin of Yasin Malik attaining martyrdom. This is reflected in immense measure in grave-yards across the Valley. Geelani’s ‘freedom movement’ has seen grave yards getting extensions, happy parents becoming destitute, young children turning orphans and brides becoming widows.
If fund-recipient separatists, intellectuals and activists believe that Kashmiri youth volunteer themselves to die consciously then why so much hue and cry over each death? They know they speak lies. They also know that by professing ‘Shahadat’, they are actually luring poor boys to die.
With continuing raids by the NIA, the separatists and the beneficiaries of terror in trade and commerce, intelligentsia and other spheres of activity are getting exposed. The secret of their newly acquired affluence is widely becoming public. They have been unmasked. It is now point of time when the people of Kashmir will get hold of them and seek answers to every killing in the name of Jihad. The day is not far.

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