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Nepal crash: Family members yet to identify bodies of four deceased from Ghazipur


LUCKNOW: The agonising wait to take home the mortal remains of four men from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur, who were killed in the Nepal air crash, has become longer for family members as they are yet to identify the bodies from among the 25 shown to them.

The family members will now be shown the remaining bodies on Friday or Saturday.

However, handing over of the bodies will take time and if DNA sampling is required, it will take further time, they said.

A Yeti airways flight crashed on Sunday in Nepal, killing 72 people, including five Indians.

“We were shown 25 bodies that were badly burnt. Now it it expected that we will be shown more bodies on Friday or Saturday. The rules here (in Nepal) are different due to which the process of handing over the bodies will take time,” Abhinash Kushwaha, brother of one of the deceased Abhihesk Kushwaha, told PTI over phone from Nepal.

“If we are not able to identify the bodies, DNA sampling will be done which is a time-taking process,” he added.

He said in a picture they saw a shoe, but nothing could be ascertained from it.

The four Ghazipur residents on the plane were identified as Sonu Jaiswal, 35, Abhishek Kushwaha, 25, Vishal Sharma, 22, and Anil Kumar Rajbhar, 27.

The family members of the four men from UP’s Ghazipur left for Kathmandu on Monday to bring back the mortal remains.

Vijay Jaiswal, relative of Sonu Jaiswal and village head of Ghazipur’s Chak Jainab village, who is also in Nepal said, “Today after handing over the 25 bodies identified so far, we will be shown more bodies for identification may be tomorrow.”

“If the bodies cannot be identified, DNA sampling will be done which will take more time,” Jaiswal said.

He claimed the body of Bihar resident Sanjay Jaiswal– the fifth Indian victim — has been identified and is likely to be handed over.

Vijay Jaiswal said they are getting support from the Indian embassy in the process and also appreciated the Ghazipur district administration for sending them to Nepal by road.

Many bodies were badly burnt in the air crash making it challenging for family members to identify them. (PTI)

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