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NC slams PDP-BJP for abandoning border dwellers

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mr-rana-and-mr-slathia-visiting-ramgarh-sectorSTATE TIMES NEWS
RAMGARH: National Confe-rence on Wednesday expressed deep anguish over total neglect and virtual abandonment of residents along International Border and Line of Control by the PDP-BJP dispensation, saying that the lofty promises of 2014 elections about shelter sheds, bunkers and plots have proven just hoax, as a result of which the civilians were falling like ducks to Pakistan shelling.
Provincial President Jammu, Devender Singh Rana and former minister and Senior State Vice President, Surjeet Singh Slathia, during their extensive visit to the forward areas in Ramgarh Sector said that intense shelling for the past several days have caused colossal loss to life and property and expressed anguish over the act of Pakistan in targeting the civilian population including children and women.
“What can be the gruesome intensity of brutal blood bath than children in the age group of five and seven years have become fodder of Pakistan cannons”, they added.
“The brunt of the border skirmishes is being faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir alone whenever relations between India and Pakistan reach boiling point”, Rana said, adding that this time around the hostility seems to have reached point of no-return. He hoped the situation to get de-esclated so that border dwellers have a sigh of relief.
He said the situation has deteriorated more in the aftermath of surgical strikes in Pak occupied Kashmir, with miseries of border dwellers accumulating hugely. He lamented the BJP leadership for showing criminal indifference towards the suffering people, notwithstanding promises about their well-being and welfare made during electioneering.
“Where are the BJP leaders, who showed awkward bravado soon after surgical strikes, demonstrating their political immaturity and lack of diplomatic understanding”, Rana asked and wished the military exercise to have been left apolitical and not misused as a political brownie point.
Interacting with the suffering border dwellers, former minister Surjeet Singh Slathia said that National Conference feels their pain and agony and wants the dark clouds hovering over the sky to evaporate so that people live in peace in their homes and hearths.
Rana and Slathia reiterated the demand for immediate construction of shelter sheds, bunkers and allotment of plots at safer places for vulnerable segments of the forwards areas. They also sought deployment of mobile teams, critical-care ambulances and all necessary boarding and lodging arrangements for the dislocated population. Earlier, Slathia visited the residence of Rishav, the seven year old son of Ramesh Lal and Abhi, five year old son of Joginder Lal, residents of Rangoor, who died in the shelling.
He consoled the families of the children amid heart-rending scenario in the village.
Slathia also attended the cremation of 22 year old Rajinder Kour, daughter of Zorawar Singh at Jarda. He, along with National Conference functionaries described targeting of young children as most cowardice act of the Pakistan Army.

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