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There is no doubt that the people eagerly wait for Monsoon season in J&K to get a sigh of relief from the blistering heat of summer months but the advent of this rainy season brings along many diseases which always wreak havoc as inundation becomes the main cause of many water borne diseases. There is dire need to remain cautious against the diseases which are prevalent during the monsoon season. Already much pain has been caused due to COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the society cannot afford to face more afflictions due to waterborne diseases which are inevitable during the upcoming monsoon season if exceptional care is not taken to prevent the same. Diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, dysentery, Hepatitis A and E, jaundice, food poisoning, malaria, dengue, certain fungal infections and many more come with the inception of rainy season and therefore people should remain very careful to remain disease-free during the months of rains. As monsoon is the breeding season for many insects and worms, and they tend to lay eggs on the leaves of plants, so avoid consuming raw leafy greens at any cost. Also, apart from the risk of ingesting pathogens, raw vegetables can upset the digestive system, especially for those who are susceptible to stomach troubles. Thoroughly washing of fruits and vegetables becomes a necessity in monsoon season because one never knows what he or she might accidentally consume with these items. Best thing is to consult the qualified doctors in case of any infection or disease during these months as the same can prove dangerous if not treated in proper scientific manner. Monsoon is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive and that is the reason behind viral fevers, allergic reactions and other viral infections becoming rampant during this season. To remain healthy, one needs to boost immunity and the easiest way of doing that is increasing Vitamin C intake by taking a Vitamin C-rich diet. Drinking a lot of clean water is also necessary to remain healthy as a hydrated body has more immunity. The people should take along water bottles whenever they leave their homes as drinking contaminated water is one of the major sources of diseases during the monsoon months.

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