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Modi’s ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’


Omkar Dattatray

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not only a great politician and leader but is an outstanding orator, strategist and above all an innovator as he is inventing new and new things to interact with the people. Modi’s Samvaad with the students called Pariksha Pe Charcha is an innovative idea and practice which the PM uses to interact and influence the students preparing for the examination. While interacting and addressing to the students of the country through video conferencing Modi is making students to face the examinations without any stress and tension and he has said that now the students will examine him also as it is his examination as well. He stressed that the students should learn time management from their mothers. Modi has said that hardworking students are worried that they have worked hard and some students do their work by cheating. This deterioration in values is very dangerous for society. He has given the mantra of success to the students and said that now the life has changed and at every step one has to take examination and with copying and cheating life is not made. PM Modi said that Pariksha Pe Charcha is also my examination as well and the students of the country are taking my examination and I take pleasure and contentment in giving this examination. It is natural for to have expectations from students but if it is only for social status then it becomes dangerous. Students should remain aware about time management. Modi said that not only for examination but for life we should be alert and aware about time. There is delay in work because it is not done within time. In doing work, there is never tiredness and by doing work there is feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Not doing work one gets tired as so much work remains to be done. Have you ever seen the time management skill from your mother? During Parishka Pe Charcha Modi said mother never gets burdened with many works she performs. If you will see your mother with attention then you will understand how good management of time is done.PM Modi has said that with copying life is not made. The industrious student is worried that I do hard work and some people get their work done by theft and cheating. This change which has come in the values, it dangerous for the society. Today on every step examination has to be given. Cheating/copying cannot make life. Modi said never to pressurized by the pressures. He said in politics how many elections are won but such pressure is that we have not to lose. The pressure and tension is created from all around. Have we to get pressurize from these pressures? If you are focused on your activities, you are out from such trouble. Never be in pressure of the pressures. He told intricacies of smart work to students.PM Modi said that there are people who work very hard but to some people hard work is not in their dictionary. Some perform smart work with difficulty some perform hard work with smart method. We have to understand the intricacies of things and work for the results accordingly. PM said ordinary people perform extra-ordinary works.PM said once you accept this thing that this is my capacity and condition and I will have to chose things accordingly. Majority of people are ordinary and extra-ordinary people are very less. Ordinary people perform extra-ordinary works and ordinary people perform extra-ordinary works then they reach to the top. Modi said that today in the world of economic competition India is seen as a ray of hope. Two three years before it was said about our government that there is no economist there and everything is normal.PM does not know anything about economics. The country which was called ordinary is today shining. Prime minister has also taught the students the importance of time management. He said that time management is not only important in your examination but is important in your daily life. He said that students should give priority to your work. When children asked a question to prime minister about the criticism he said it is out of syllabus. PM every year talks with the students on examination but this year in Parishka Pe Charcha some students put such questions that PM had to say that this question is out of syllabus. The question was related to the criticism of Modi by the media and opposition. He said that for dynamic democracy criticism is pure technique. In Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 Modi said to pass one examination life has come out of it is not possible. Today on every step there is examination. Where you will copy, with cheating life is not built and you remain caught in the examination of life. Those who work hard I tell them that hard work will bring colors in their life. Someone will get more marks than you but will not become an obstacle in your life. PM Modi has said in sixth session Pariksha Pe Charcha to the students who take board examination in Delhi’s Talkatora Indoor Stadium the following things-The students should not be confined to certain in social status as this hinders their development. The parents should encourage their children for undergoing tours and interacting with the people from every section of society. The teacher should teach students with love and not use stick as discipline cannot be maintained with rod. Teacher should be friendly to children. The oldest language of the world is in our country on which country should feel proud. Do not waste your time in comparing yourself with others? Do not waste your internal peace in competition with others and do not take examination as your life because beyond examination there is life as well? The students should fix no technology zone as it will not make you slave and dependent on technology. Gazette makes students slave and they have to save themselves from technology. There is very thin difference between criticism and obstacle. Parents should do constructive and positive criticism. The India which was called normal is today shining in the world. Not examination but time management is necessary in life. With cheating and copying the life is not built. Your efforts will never be futile. Do not accept and adopt shortcut in your life. The students should never underestimate their capacities. The students should learn time management from their mothers. After 10 to 12 years these questions will be analyzed by scientists. The intellect is wasted with cheating. There is my examination in Pariksha Pe Charcha. Batsman remains focused in the crowed of thousands. To conclude it can be said that PM Modi has taught the words of wisdom to examination warriors and it will definitely have a positive effect on the students preparing for the board examinations.
(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist).

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