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Miraculous Acts of Infinite Mother Nature

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Infinite Mother Nature loves all of us in normal as well as abnormal times and it also must our duty to love ‘IT’ dearly from the core of our heart.All its creations live in the warmth lap of Nature.It always look us colourless whereas ‘IT’ is full of seven beautiful colours.It keeps with ‘IT’ very very hidden things which are always unknown to the man however he(man) may try to know infinite Mother Nature.Not to speak of an ordinary man;even the world famous great scientists could not have imagined its miraculous acts of infinite Mother Nature.One may imagine its limitless boundary as long as one can see with one’s naked eyes is an established fact.About the miraculous acts of Infinite Mother Nature it is not an untruthful and unbelievable story which I am going to tell you that once an aeroplane got involved into the storms of bad weather and got lost its right air-route and suddenly becomes out of sight from the range of radar and the helpless pilot tried to overcome its speed very low but did not get perplexed into such a cumbersome situation.
All the passengers on board felt great fear of dying in case it crashes;all would meet with tragic accidental death.Suddenly,a very little bird appeared before an aeroplane and a wise pilot caught sight of that little bird that started flying guiding a pilot on his right air-route and a pilot gets encouraged with his high spirits.After some moments the pilot of the plane found that his plane is hovering over an aerodrum where it was to be landed.But the only surprising thing that I want to tell you that a very little bird had already disappeared flying when the plane was hovering over an aerodrum.The plane landed at an aerodrum safe and sound and all the passengers including all the crewmen heaved a sigh of relief and presented a bundle of thanks to the miraculous act of infinite Mother Nature.
Whatever the manifestations or forms of nature are marvelous ones and the man with his great greed must not disturb its balance of existence at the cost of ongoing development.Recently more than 500 people have been relocated to safer places over 58 houses were completely by damaged due to land sinking in Pernote Village in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ramban district. The natural Calamity hit the village on Thursday evening also damaging four transmission towers, a power receiving station and a section of the road connecting the Gool sub division with Ramban district headquarters.
We will have to face numerous challenges, with development Chief among them are the following.
Just think of the movement of the celestial heavenly bodies. That is what man’s beyond of knowledge. What happens during Solar and Lunar Eclipses.How Lunar Eclipse happens? When the moon is exactly in a line with the earth and the Sun, We have an eclipse.If it is a full moon night, the shadow of the earth falls on the moon and we have a “Lunar Eclipse’ or eclipse of the noon. If on the other hand, it is new moon, the shadow of the moon falls on the earth, so that the sun is obstructed from our view, and we have a ‘Solar Eclipse’ or eclipse of the Sun. We don’t have eclipses on every New Moon and Full Moon. Moreover some eclipses are complete, others are partial.
The reason is that the orbit of the moon and that of the earth are not in the Same plane, but are slightly titled to each other.Such are the miraculous acts of infinite Mother Nature to whom only the scientists could observe minutely,with the apparatus of observatory.Whereas the movements of nine lakh twinkling stars are even more miraculous than man’s thinking.They seem to be hanging into the air of Infinite Mother Nature. They too have got its own orbits and they never seem to be smashing one another. These are the miracles of Nature that too is being controlled nicely,properly,continuously and accurately by the Almighty God
The Infinite Mother Nature has components of five elements that always go on running into its very existence without disturb one another.They never get imbalanced in its formation. We can completely get surprised that mankind has been observing such five elements since the Origin of this universe which has to be loved by the humanity with unending feelings of gratitude.
Great Threats Due To Excessive Use Of Plastics
When we try to disturb ‘Mother Nature’ to such an extent that not to be at all;Mother Nature becomes furious in its nature, then fierce earthquakes are occurred at 9-10 richter scale and all infrastructure gets upside down.Moreover all the powers of five elements have been rest with nature.When nature uses its unlimited powers in the manifestation or form of fire that gets out of control. Lakhs of forest cover gets destroyed including causing large scale of killing wild animals, being devoured by its uncontrollable power.Yet another uncontrollable power of ‘Jal Dev’ Shows its fearful face;causing large scale erosion of fertile land gets flowed along with its uncontrollable flash floods, devastation and destruction of houses and human habitation with loss of precious human lives and animals.Yet another factor of this vast nature is heat and light if it’s normal State, it is very much tolerable but When we experience 50 degree celsius heat wave above it becomes intolerable to be unbearable and the the most vulnerable are the weak health elderly people who have to suffer with Sun-Strokes and heart attacks. Normal State of light is quite tolerable but when we experience extrême State of light it becomes unbearable.
Just imagine the power of Wind in the Shape of powerful hurricanes which cause great destruction through which the areas they pass over and the most vulnerable is the infrastructure of electricity and tele-communication lines falling a prey to trees which cannot withstand their powerful hit and get uprooted causing obstructions across the roads and also buildings are destroyed with human lives. We humans are polluting them all thats why angry mood of all these elements is being experienced all over the world by us due to extremity of global warming and climate resilience which can only be avoided by the pollution of plastics being used on large scales them having been thrown into the water bodies that too are getting polluted showing their environmental anger towards the peaceful living on this beautiful mother earth.In the concluding lines I would like to say that if our mother nature loves all of us, then why we are standing against the wonderful ways of nature;if we would not reform our ways,the further behaviour of nature will get continue more furious towards the existence of humanity causing upheavals across the globe.

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