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Managing the silent killer


Dear Editor,
News of killing by smoking is not spreading scare. When facts related to horrendous corruption, kidnappings, robberies, murders, rapes and all are news reported, smoking as a silent killer needs news and views projection indeed. As concerned doctors and researchers alarm of smoking dire consequences, smokers, especially chained smokers, they discover smoking as a silent killer in different forms and manifestations leaving them in a lurch.
Smoking literally destroys a habitual smoker in so many ways and through so many parts of the body: All are slowly, surely and fatally-affected including heart, lungs, eyes, nose, throat, ears, prostrate and nervous system from a casual to a chained smoker.
While smoking pollutes or adulterates environs bringing harm to others, imagine the callous toll it takes of a smoker. Commonly known destruction is to veins and arteries of the heart and of throat as well as dreads of lung cancer.
Uncommonly known fatal could be weakening of the eye-sight and wavering of the nervous system. Shocking is how nicotine blood streams down to the prostate slowly and gradually reported in many as leading to prostate cancer.
Quit smoking is a simple answer. But to chained smokers who would not quit smoking it is advised to smoke standing as nicotine blood flows straight down to the prostrate and accumulates to long term fatalities.
If one cannot quit smoking, one should sit and smoke harming surely upper half of heart and lungs and trying to save the lower part of prostate.
One ignored fact is when smoking incepts by fashion or for being social to casually and gradually become a habit and turns into a die-hard habit with its fatal impact on unrealized and unnoticed falling and fading health of smokers.
Worse comes to worst when smokers vow of smoking and posing robust health without noticing or realizing its dreadful affects meaning ignorance as bliss!
If smoker’s self-awareness waivers, hopes may be pinned on leaders as quit or check smoking trend-setters and mass media with health experts pursuing interesting and convincing programs to transform and rehabilitate die-hard smokers.
It is a question of a national strategy on check smoking towards a better and brighter society.

Mool Raj.

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