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Love Jihad: Why victims are generally Hindus and killers from other community?


Shrill debate on ‘Love Jihad’ is back even before 35 pieces of the Hindu girl Shradha, killed by her lover Aftab Ameen, are yet to be collected and put in the coffin for cremation as a single entity. Shradha’s crime was to defy the good counseling of her parents and repose faith in her Muslim live-in partner.
Pseudo ‘intellectuals’ and activists of a particular community have started crying hoarse over the widespread anger across the country, saying that the incident should be seen purely as a crime and not given communal spin. But when Ikhlaq was lynched by some Hindu bigots, they were the people to malign the Hindus and the country by dubbing it as unsafe for Muslims and an intolerant nation. Nation still recalls the reactions of Award Wapsi Gang besides celebrities like Naseerudin Shah and Amir Khan. These so-called Budhijeevis, Jolawallas and sections of a particular section of society always parrot that terrorists have no religion whenever Jihadis attack forces, institutions and innocent Indians but take no time in coining Saffron terrorism on the incidents of isolated crimes.
According to the 1951 census, Hindus comprised 305 million (84.1 percent) of the Indian population, Sikhs 6.86 million (1.9 percent) and Muslims were 35.4 million (9.8 percent). In 2021 Hindus made up 79.8 percent of India’s population and Muslims accounted for 14.2 percent; Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains accounted for most of the remaining 6 percent. The fall and jump in the Hindu and Muslim population is discernible. While Muslim population rose to 14.4 percent in 2021 from 9.8 percent in 1951, the Hindu population dropped to 79.8 percent in 2021 from (84.1 percent) in 1951. The percentage will further stagger while compiling the numbers of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. Therefore, the concerns about Love Jihad and forced conversions are not unfounded.
Love Jihad is a real threat to India. This should be understood in its totality. Global Council of Indian Christians has rightly observed that “Love Jihad in Kerala is part of global Islamisation project”. This sinister conspiracy is not restricted to a particular state only but the virus has spread across the country.
The pseudo seculars and Jihadis are in total denial about ‘Love Jihad’ and claim the term as Islamophobia, which is being trumpeted by Hindutava forces. However, nobody is answering as to why in the brutal murders under ‘Love Jihad’, the girl is always a Hindu and the killer from the other community. And ironically, it is the Hindu boy who gets killed on marrying a Muslim girl. In both the cases, it is okay for the Hindu boy or the girl to perform ‘Nikah’, and get killed if they chose to perform ‘Saat Phere’. The trend of ‘brutal murders’ is a latest trend otherwise instances are numerous where inter-faith marriages have remained almost successful. Also, live-in relationships are a universal phenomenon. Many people, mostly celebrities, across the world, including in Jammu and Kashmir, are fashioned to prefer live-in relationships or get tied in nuptial knots but every female partner does not end up as Shradha.
To establish the point, a few of the many cases in the recent years reflect the disturbing trend of ‘Love Jihad’ across the country. According to Organiser, September 4, 2022, a 25-year-old fruit seller Abdul Samad from Secunderabad stabbed an 18-year-old girl E Madhavi alias Madhu under the jaw for refusing to go out with him; in October 2018, Syed Muzammil killed Mansi Dixit, a 20-year-old aspiring model, at his home in Andheri because she refused to have sex with him; in June 2020: Naina Kaur was stabbed multiple times by a stalker Sher Khan in the middle of a road at a market near Ghaziabad’s Tila Morh; in June 2020, a Dalit girl Shivani Khobiyaan of Haryana killed by Arif for denying his marriage proposal; in February 2021, Layeek Khan used a hammer to brutally murder Hindu girl Neetu for refusing his marriage proposal in the Begum Vihar area of Rohini in North West Delhi; in April 2021, Haider Ali along with his friends slit the throat of Nidhi in Krishna Nagar, Uttarakhand after she refused his marriage proposal, in September 2021, National-level kho-kho player Babli Rani (24) was strangled to death in Bijnor, UP by railway labourer Shahzad (26) after she resisted his attempt to rape her; in April 2022, Azhar slit the throat of Anusha, a 23-year-old girl, in Hanamkonda, Hyderabad as he was angered by her rejection of his proposal for a relationship; in August 2022: Arman Ali along with his friends allegedly shot a girl studying in Standard XI because she had stopped talking to him after knowing that he is a Muslim. These and counting goes on.
Astonishingly, those encouraging ‘Love Jihad’, show pitiable intolerance when Muslim girls married Hindu boys and condoned barbaric deaths of the male partners or the couples in some cases. A Dalit boy Sonu and Muslim girl Dhanishta were hacked to death allegedly by the girl’s family in 2014 in Hapur for having affair; 18-year-old Delhi University student Rahul Rajput was killed by Muslim girl’s brother and his friends; Lakshmipathy was murdered by his Muslim girlfriend’s family in Karnataka’s Ramnagara; father and son killed daughter Reshma Banu (20)and her Hindu lover K Nagaraj (18) in Karnataka’s Hampasagara in Hagaribommanahalli on March 24, 2017; two minors-Mukesh Kumar and Noor Jehan were killed by the girls’ brother and uncles in West Bihar’s Champaran in 2017; upset over interfaith marriage, Muslim woman’s cousin hacked Vijay Shankar Yadav and Sufiya Abrar Mansuri, aka Priya Yadav (22) in UP’s Hardoe district in April 2015; Youth Congress leader Balakrishnan was killed for marrying a Muslim woman in Kerala’s Kasargod; Jithu Mohan of Kerala was set ablaze by Muslim girl’s brother-in-law for his romantic liaison with a Muslim girl in Kochi in October 2012; in August 2018, a Muslim woman was strangulated and mutilated by her father and brother in Purba Burdwan district for being in a relationship with a Hindu man; a Muslim woman allegeed her family hatched a conspiracy with the help of police to eliminate her Hindu husband Rajneesh Sharma of Sarwal area of Jammu on the intervening night of September 29-30; a Kangaroo court executes a Hindu man Shailendra Prasad for marrying a Muslim woman Munera Bibi in Mumbai in August 2008; in October 2018, an 18-year-old Muslim girl was tied up to a tree and beaten up for hours just because she eloped away with a Hindu man in Bihar; Ankit Saxena was murdered in broad daylight in Delhi by the family of his Muslim girlfriend Shehzadi on February 1, 2018; Dalit Man Khetram Bhim(22) was beaten to death in Rajasthan because he fell in love with a Muslim girl in Barmer village of Rajasthan in 2018; Jaideep Garwa in Bhuj was clobbered to death with sharp-edged weapons for being in love with a Muslim girl; Sanjay Kumar was killed by Muslim ex-wife’s family in Faridabad in Faridabad of the National Capital Region in August 2018; 9 years after their marriage, Brijesh was killed by her Muslim wife’s family members in Allahabas village in December 2019; Kripalsinh Jadeja was stabbed to death over a love affair with a Muslim girl in January 2020 in Shikarpur village of Bhachau in Kutch (Source: OpIndia: October 13, 2020).

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