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Know about ‘GOVERNOR RULE’

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In the event of failure of constitutional machinery in any other state of India, the President’s Rule is imposed under Article 356 of the Constitution. But in case of Jammu and Kashmir, the Governor’s Rule for a period of six months is imposed under the provision of Section 92 of the State Constitution and the proclamation to this effect is issued by the Governor only after the consent of the President of India. The State Assembly is either kept in suspended animation or dissolved. If it is not possible to restore the Constitutional machinery before the expiry of this six month period, the provision of Article 356 of the Constitution is extended and the President’s rule is imposed in the State.

When and Why:-

Duration:- 26 March 1977 – 9 July 1977

Governor: L K Jha
Period: 105 days

Reason: Governor’s Rule was first time imposed in Jammu and Kashmir when Congress withdrew support to Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah-led coalition government.

Duration: 6 March -7 November 1986

Governor: Jagmohan
Period: 246 days

Reason: In July 1984, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah’s son-in-law Ghulam Muhammad Shah toppled the government headed by Dr Farooq Abdullah with the help of 26 Congress MLAs and 12 NC defectors. But in March 1986, the Congress withdrew support from Shah paving the way for another spell of Governor’s Rule.
After six months of Governor’s Rule, the President’s Rule, in line with constitutional requirement, was imposed

Duration: 19 January 1990- 9 October 1996
Governor: Jagmohan
Period: 6 years, 264 days

Reason:- Reason: The longest spell of central rule in JK became inevitable in 1990 when armed conflict broke out in the State. The resignation of Dr Farooq Abdullah-led government against the appointment of Jagmohan as Governor of the State led to imposition of Governor Rule. The President’s Rule was imposed on July 19,1990, which continued till October 1996 when assembly elections were held first time after eruption of militancy.

Duration: 18 October -2 November 2002
Governor: G.C Saxena
Period: 15 days

Reason: Following 2002 assembly poll outcome, Governer’s Rule was imposed in the State after Farooq Abdullah refused to continue as caretaker Chief Minister of the state as PDP and Congress took a lot of time (15 days) in cobbling up numbers to form the government.


Duration: 11 July 2008-5 January 2009
Governor: N.N Vohra
Period: 178 days

Reason: This time, the Governor’s Rule was imposed following the fall of Ghulam Nabi Azad-led coalition government. Azad resigned as Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir without facing a confidence vote on the floor of Assembly.
Azad’s government was in minority after PDP had on June 28, 2008 withdrawn its support to the Azad-led government on the Amarnath land transfer issue.


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