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Why does Kashmir show indifference towards killing of three Kashmiri policemen?

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JAMMU: Around the time, three Kashmiri policemen were being gunned down by Pak-sponsored terrorists in two separate terror attacks in Srinagar, three Pak-supported musketeers, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik were holding unity parleys in the capital city.
Unity for what? The answer is obvious-for supervising mayhem and furthering the agenda of Islamabad to radicalise Kashmir. They did not speak a word over the inhuman act of cowardice terrorists or express solidarity with the families of slain policemen, who too belonged to the Valley and to their own religion. Had they been marauders from the neighbouring rogue nation, these pampered secessionists would have called for Kashmir Bandh. Their lackeys would have taken Srinagar streets for ransom by indulging in Intifaada or stone pelting. They would have mobolised their cadre to join in their funeral in large numbers, as they did just yesterday when five ultras were gunned down by the security personnel.
But for customary condolences and ‘shock’ messages, the so-called mainstream leaders, whether in the government or in the opposition, did nothing to show their solidarity with the families of fallen brave policemen. It was time for these parties to mobolise their cadre and ensure participation in the funeral of slain cops which would not have only sent a right message to elements inimical to peace in Kashmir but also reinforced a sense of belonging among those who keep on guarding even ‘petty’ workers of these parties.
Kashmir is a classic case of duplicity and hypocrisy. The miniscule vocal section of Kashmir society, which always remains in the forefront to espouse the cause of terrorists and the hostile neighbour, shows worse degree of apathy towards their own people. For them, terrorists, when killed by security forces, become martyrs and civilians, when killed by ultras, turn out to be either Mukhbirs (informers) or Indian agents.
The hypocrite like Geelani takes no time in making volte-face when public opinion becomes negative over civilian killings. When President of Jamiat-e-Ahlihadees Maulana Showkat Ahmad Shah was killed by terrorists on April 8, 2011 outside a Srinagar mosque, the separatists first tried to blame the army and the security forces for it but when public anger grew against terrorists who had assassinated him, the same separatist hawk Syed Ali Geelani gave a lofty sermon, saying, “Killing of an innocent is the killing of whole humanity. I condemn this killing and appeal people as well pro-freedom leadership to protest and identify these killers behind such gruesome and barbaric crimes.” And when the criminals were arrested, he held their brief and sought their release. For separatists like Geelani, doesn’t killing of three policemen amount to killing of humanity. What was their fault? They were standing guard against peace inimical elements in the streets of Srinagar in call of their duty. Did this crime entail them their life?
Today, Hizbul Mujahideen is reported to have claimed the responsibility of killing three policemen. Hizb is militant wing of Jamat-e-Islami, which was headed by none other than Geelani himself for quite a time. And, what would be his take if the Hizb ultras are eliminated by the security personnel for their heinous crime? He will cry hoarse and try to put the Valley on flames.
The killing of three policemen at the hands of terrorists has not invoked attention of the so-called human rights activists who loose no time in maligning security forces even when terrorists or infiltrators are eliminated during encounters. They term such eliminations as biggest human rights violation. Where are they today? Why don’t they shed their crocodile tears for these policemen?
The two and half decades of terrorism in Kashmir has witnessed mushroom growth of rights activists across the country as also in the Valley. It is a lucrative business. Once the credentials are established, the activists have a wide field open around the world to join seminars on ‘somebody’s’ expense, provided the tone and tenor remains anti-India. The only investment the activists are required to make is to show sympathy towards terrorists and portray them as Jihadis besides indulging in anti-India and anti- security forces’ bashing. The more the venom they pour, more the value they add to their profiles.

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