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Jonaraja Institute of Genocide & Atrocities Studies launched in Jammu



Jammu: Jonaraja Institute of Genocide and Atrocities Studies, an online venture by a group of Kashmiri Pandit intellectuals, was officially launched here on Sunday to provide a platform to the people desirous of working on the subject.
The Panun Kashmir, a representative body of Kashmiri Pandits, welcomed the move as a “window of opportunity” for the community fighting for resettlement since their exodus from Kashmir Valley more than 30 years ago.
“The aim of the institute is to study 12 major genocides which have taken place worldwide, some of which are recognised and a few others which remained unrecognised. The attempt is to understand the answers for genocide through analytical studies and different methodologies of research,” Jonaraja Institute chairman Titu Ganjoo told PTI on the sidelines of the launch event.
“Such studies should have been carried out in India earlier but…nothing has been done,” he said, adding they are focusing more on prevention and recognition of genocide and encouraging rescuers through their work.
The institute has been named after Pandit Jonaraja who was a great historian, a prolific poet and a psychologist of Kashmiri origin, its director Dileep Kumar Koul said. He claimed Pandit Jonaraja was the first to introduce the word ‘genocide’ through his Sanskrit book about 600 years ago.
Koul alleged, “Kashmiri Pandits are victims of genocide but it was never recognised and was deliberately brushed under the carpet.”
Panun Kashmir convener Agnishekhar and Chairman Ajay Chrungoo hailed the establishment of the institute and expressed hope that it will provide a window of opportunity for the Kashmiri Pandit community. “The government is claiming restoration of normalcy but targeted killings of minorities and threats (by terrorists to Kashmiri Pandit employees) are still going on. The Army is saying 300 terrorists are active, while police say the number is below 100…. They are hiding the real picture which is otherwise grim,” Chrungoo claimed.