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JKPS Panjtirthi holds inter-class poem recitation competition



JAMMU: Competitions play a significant role in shaping and motivating individuals to perform to the best of their capabilities and learn varied skills that aid their all-round development. They offer a lot more than just rewards.
By engaging the students in different kinds of competitions, one gains substantial experience, showcase and evaluate skills and discover several personality traits in the process.
To provide an opportunity and platform to the budding poets, an inter-class poem recitation competition named “The Rhyme Riders” was organised for the students of class Upper KG.
Students recited poems full of wit, fun and wisdom that brought smiles to the faces of audience and gave a good tickle to their spirits.
The students recited poems which were humorous but at the same time inspiring. Each student recited a poem with actions and enthusiasm.
A lot of emphasis was laid on voice modulation, intonation and correct pronunciation. It was an enriching experience for the toddlers.
The Principal of JKPS Panjtirthi Suman Banbah said,” Our endeavour has always been to balance excellence in academics with creativity and compassion. At JKPS Panjtirthi we prefer to create situations where a child challenges his own ability, hence becomes his/her own competitor and thus keeps improving and rediscovering himself. “
She further appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the participants.

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