The Bold Voice of J&K



Despite the wholehearted support of the Centre and the exceptional work done by the J&K Government, the UT not getting the desired results as far as the implementation of Business Reforms Action Plan is concerned is a thing to be looked into very keenly so that the dismal performance does not get repeated in the coming times. Reports emerging on the issue are not good as far as J&K is concerned because the UT has been able to secure a slot in the top achiever states which in actual include Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Although much has been said and done to ensure ease of doing business in J&K but the parameters which actually tells the real position have remained abysmal thus slotting J&K in the lowest category along with Delhi, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland , Tripura and Puducherry, which has been titled as ’emerging business ecosystems’. There is a serious need to retrospect that what played the spoilsport that J&K acted as a non-starter. Besides, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha figured under the Achievers category, while Assam, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Jharkhand, Kerala, Rajasthan and West Bengal have been placed in the ‘Aspirers’ category. The J&K along with aforesaid states and UTs have been placed in the lowest ranking, which is a matter of great concern. The country has seen drastic changes in assessment framework in the last several decades after the Indian economy turned global in 1991. The purpose of this exercise is to infuse a culture of learning from each other’s best practices and improve upon the business climate in each State/UT with a unified objective for India to emerge as a most favoured investment destination across the globe. The J&K’s case is justified because it has started its journey a bit late therefore an average performance is understandable. The UT should gird up the loins to make sure that it braces up its position in the next chapter because the same is necessary for changing the facets of business and economy in J&K. It is necessary that J&K becomes investors’ first choice in the coming times and for this dedicated efforts are a must and therefore, without wasting even a jiffy, the concerned stakeholders should start working to make a mark in the coming times.

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