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Jammu Smart City-A Game Changer?

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Launched to make the City of Temples a more lively and economically booming urban centre, Jammu Smart City Limited is focusing on infra development, green initiatives, improving living conditions of people by providing smart solutions like better traffic management, upgraded civic amenities and beautifying the environs. How far has the executing agency succeeded in achieving the goals, let us know what people say!

Chaman Lal Angral, Social Worker
We must keep our City clean. The government is doing good job by initiating many development words. Our responsibility is to keep the City neat and clean. Moreover, the works initiated under Smart City Project are being carried out in a very smart manner. Earlier, the condition of the Jammu city was very bad but now development works are being taken up everywhere.. Jammu-the City of Temples is gradually moving towards smart city.

Asha Gupta, Teacher
I personally appreciate AIIMS Jammu, smart buses and many other projects. We are happy with every project wherever it is being carried out in our Jammu. I appreciate the UT administration for working more on Jammu City’s beautification. I would like to mention a few projects which are under Smart city project and are adding to the beautification of our city-Tawi Lake project, Jamboo Zoo and lightings in various city squares of Jammu.

Nagma, Boutique
Business Women

I am very happy to see that due to smart e-buses there are no major jams now. Earlier, the mini-bus operators used to park their vehicles in middle of road and jam the city. The Smart City Project is appreciable and there is only a need to speed up the works. It is really a game changer for Jammu.

Santosh Jamwal, Homemaker
In this scorching heat, it was very difficult to travel in those mini-buses. But now smart buses under Smart City Project have really made our travel very easy and comfortable. I would like to appreciate these air-conditioned smart buses in Jammu. Administration is doing a great job for us. I want that everyone should take care of our city roads themselves, so that our City looks more and more beautiful.

Rajesh Kesari, President Shiv Sena Hindustan
Smart City Project is appreciable but there is delay in the works. The government should take the right people on job so that works complete on time. I don’t appreciate the way the government is carrying out projects in Jammu City. The government is spending money but due’ malpractices’ at certain levels all the money seems just a waste.

Chander Rekha, Homemaker
Yes, it is really a game changer; Jammu is slowly transforming into a smart city. Moving out in the evenings we are enthralled to see the illumination on the flyovers. The Tawi bridges are illuminated so beautifully. Jammu is a new Jammu now. In the past few years, there has been a discernible change. Even the pilgrims visiting Jammu this year for Shri Amarnath Yatra are impressed to see the Jammu City so beautiful. I would like to appreciate the launch of air-conditioned smart buses. Our city is getting smarter day-by-day. There are many such initiatives, which are giving lot of benefits to the local traders as well. It is really a game changer for residents.

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