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Insensitive Congress demoralizes armed forces in sensitive J&K


The Congress has suffered a major seizure on reaching Jammu, on way to Kashmir to conclude the Bharat Jodo Yatra, with the Jin (evil spirit) of Balakote striking the frail structured 75-year old Digvijay Singh, who has started seeking again proof of the Balakote surgical strike. He should have invoked Divyidrishti of Tapaswi Rahul Gandhi Baba instead of playing to the gallery through media persons. Obviously, the rant was to keep the PAGD and the Kashmiri secessionists in good humour. The PAGD constituents are the strong votaries of dialogue with Pakistan, critics of the security forces and proponents of soft separatism. The National Conference and the PDP are habitual of jumping the lines in attributing motives to the security forces in counter terror operations. Just the other day, NC’s Dr Mustafa Kamaal gave a malicious spin to the Uri and Pulwama attacks by alleging that “Almost clear that it was planned by Govt of India. We didn’t see their photos or bodies…Until it’s clear as to who’s the killer, all fingers point toward agencies of the Govt of India…” He told news agency ANI on January 16, 2023 that those killed in the Pulwama attack belonged to the Scheduled Caste community. These are the political actors, the Congress is aligning with.
However, at this point of time, credit must go to Digvijay for not referring to Kashmir, as India-occupied-Kashmir, before embarking on the Yatra to the Valley, as he did years ago in Bhopal in a statement to the media (Indian Express August 18, 2016). Infamous for referring to international terrorist Osama bin Laden as Osama Sahib and dreaded ultra Masood Azhar as Masood Azharji, the Congress loose cannon has spoken a lot of things about Pulwama Attack, Mughal rule, Hindutva etc.
Pakistan and India bashers in Kashmir must be quite pleased with the growing activism of Congress’s motor mouth, as his acquisitions serve their purpose well to defame India at the international level, as also to assuage the hurt sentiment of their domestic population.
Digvijay Singh is used to seek proof of damages caused to Jaish-e-Muhammad training centre at Balakote. “If the US gave proof about Osama bin Laden’s killing, India too should prove its claims”, he has been saying. He repeated it again in Jammu. His party’s new found ally Mehbooba Mufti must be quite elated over it as she too is on record having sought proof as ‘a citizen of this country.’
Jammu and Kashmir has been the Karmabhoomi of the Indian Armed Forces since independence. They have offered innumerable sacrifices for defending the integrity and sovereignty of the country. They continue to guard the borders-LoC and LAC-at the peril of their lives. What should Indian forces do to make their own compatriots believe what they did to the rogue nation, which is pursuing its agenda of giving thousand cuts to India? The answer will be quite difficult. Such queries call for out-of-box solutions and answers. If the Congress really wants proof of Balakote surgical strike, they should designate their representatives for gathering proof next time India pounces upon Pakistan. Such proof-seekers should be put in the cockpits in the jets during any future strike. By the way, since Digvijay will be close to the LoC in the next few days, why shouldn’t he cross over and ask the Pakistanis what India did to them? Can’t Indian politicians spare the armed forces from their political slugfest? The Congress has been making hue and cry over surgical strike in PoK despite having been briefed by the DGMO. Still they sought proof and sided with Pakistan, which had gone on denial mode.
The Congress should recall the US Operations in Abbottabad when Osama bin Laden was killed in his rat-hole along with scores of terrorists. Did the US Opposition seek explanations from President Barrak Obama or the country’s armed forces? The US neutralized al-Qaeda’s No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri’s in Kabul on July 31 last year; did Americans ask Joe Biden for proof?
In a bid to oppose the BJP, the Congress is putting the valiant forces in the dock. All this is happening with an eye on the General Elections 2024. And, if the peoples’ mandate again goes in favour of Narendra Modi’s BJP, what will they do?

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