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Indian community celebrates growing India-Russia relations

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Moscow: Talking to Young Bites, members of Indian community expressed their happiness with the growing strength of India and Russia relations. Large number of Indian diaspora members had assembled in beautiful city of Moscow to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is on two day visit to Russia Federation. Modi also addressed the Indians living in Russia.

Ambassador of India H. E. Vinay Kumar invites Vijay Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, Young Bites to an address to the community by PM Narendra Modi on July 9, 2024 at The Ballroom, Hotel Carlton, Moscow.

Mukesh Kumar Singhal, having lived in Russia for 25 years said, “Russians have a deep affection for Indians, which is reflected in their warm hospitality and mutual respect. We are proud that Modi ji is visiting Russia, as these visits symbolize the strengthening of ties between the two nations. We are hopeful that the relations will further get strengthened.

An elderly Indian community member said, “PM Modi is world leader and relations between Russia and India have been strengthened under his leadership. Indians are very proud of Modi’s leadership and the way he has led a corruption free government for last ten years. I am proud of achievements made by India”.

Pramod Kumar, Punjabi Sabha president, “We are quite excited about the visit of Modi ji. This visit marks a significant moment for the Punjabi community, as it underscores the government’s ongoing efforts to strengthen cultural and religious ties. The opening of the Kartarpur Sahib corridor between India and Pakistan, a key initiative led by Prime Minister Modi, has been widely appreciated by Punjabis worldwide”.

A group of students studying in Russia said, “We are quite excited about visit of PM Modi. Students are eager to interact with PM in Moscow. We are very happy. Prime Minister Modi’s visit is expected to strengthen the longstanding ties between India and Russia which is beneficial for all the people.

Putin & Modi’s friendship heralds new era in India-Russia relations

Vijay Gupta
Moscow: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on his first official visit to Moscow after winning third term as PM, the camaraderie between Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin is evident, symbolizing a new era in India-Russia relations. The visit, anticipated by many, marks a significant milestone in the partnership between the two nations.
Talking to Young Bites, Manoj Kotwani, President of Indian Business Alliance said, “The friendship between Modi and Putin is seen as a driving force behind the strengthened ties. Their mutual respect and collaborative approach have led to several joint initiatives. This visit is expected to further consolidate these efforts, paving the way for more robust economic and strategic cooperation”.
Kotwani who is living in Russia for last 35-years said that focus remains on enhancing the bilateral relationship, ensuring mutual benefits, and exploring new avenues of cooperation. “This visit marks a pivotal moment, promising a strengthened alliance and a brighter future for both countries”, he said.
It is important to mention here that Indian diaspora is keenly waiting for interaction with Modi. About 300 people of Indian origin will attend the meeting.
Modi’s visit underscores the ongoing efforts to simplify trade and investment processes between India and Russia, reinforcing the ease of doing business. The partnership is poised to grow stronger, with both leaders committed to fostering economic growth and strategic collaboration.

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