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In-house Teachers’ training keeps schools’ mental health sound: Principal JKPS Kunjwani



JAMMU: Principal JKPS Kunjwani, Rajesh Rathore organized a training programme for the teachers of the school, wherein he first showcased a video message from Anurag Tripathi, Secretary CBSE. Then, he shared the nuggets of wisdom & time-tested strategies to impact the teaching-learning process in the classroom & to build lifetime bonding with children:
Start your class with some warm up activity: Children love variety and routine causes monotony. He asked teachers to start every class with some warm up activity with active involvement of the teachers.
Explore Collaborative learning, not teaching in the class: He emphasized on the collaborative learning, as learning by doing in a group lasts longer and makes children learn group dynamics in a better way.
Generate the wow experience in your class: He invoked teachers to create the wow factor in the class and only then children will feel the wow experience, which gets etched on the records of reminiscences.
Create the culture of expression, not a culture of a right answer: He drew the attention of the teachers towards the originality of ideas. After good deliberations, teachers promised to accept creative answers from students through variety expressions, not just the expression from the textbook.
Use mind maps to teach/revise the work done: Mind maps help children retain the information. They find it easier to recollect and express a mind map later on. A well laid down Mind map calls for a conceptual clarity. A clear map gets impinged forever.
He appealed teachers to change their perception from conventional to un-conventional. He asked them to form their own alphabetical series, like: A for Android, B for blackberry & C for Cloud.
He made a clarion call to teachers to make an appeal to the heart of their children before their brains. Connection with heart shall fetch them more lasting results. Emotional bonding is eternal, whereas professional bonding is ephemeral.
He appealed them to bring an element of theatrics in their teaching. He narrated a few stories to establish the shade of zing & zest in the classroom. He asked them to share a story which should make them read the teacher’s eye balls.
Giving students ownership & responsibility in the class can fetch rich dividends to a teacher. He narrated a few anecdotes to prove his point.
He deliberated upon making online blogs for students to comment on the day’s feedback.
Teachers like the idea of sharing atleast one educational link of the day with students.
Quoting some examples, he appealed teachers to appreciate every little improvement in the class, like, Hey, I’m excited being here in the class; All my students are the most adorable in the world; I want you guys to learn well in my subject.
Variety deliberations established the fact that we must respect the divergent views of the students in the class.
The Principal lauded teachers for their high degree of patience and appreciated them to be the Zen Masters, not the Ring Masters.
He also praised the teachers for being warm & courteous towards their students, for putting your ego aside & for treating every child as a VIP.
He expressed his joy over the school tradition for singing the birthday song for the b’day students in the assembly. It works wonders.
He asked teachers to write the names of children from their respective class on a piece of paper. He appreciated all the teachers, who successfully and quickly wrote the names of children. He summed up saying: Be a Rockstar teacher by remembering the first name of all your students.
To foster the bonding with students, he requested teachers to make a phone call to a few students after the school hours.
Teachers applauded the idea of setting a Milestone Chart for every student’s success.
One of the best take away of the enrichment session proved to be idea: Winners ‘make it happen’ & losers ‘let it happen’.
He requested teachers to bear the complete moral responsibility of the class. He wrote on the whiteboard: Accept 100% responsibility for your class/subject result.
Striking the emotional chord of every teacher’s heart, he stated that never carry a grudge or a disliking for any child ever.
Although the sense of humour is a God’s gift and it’s difficult to develop it artificially. He appealed them to cultivate the sense of humour, as it always helps.
God has been so kind and generous to have gifted every human with a smile. He took a promise from every teacher to adorn their charming faces with a broad smile always.
Summing up the marathon session, the Principal Rajesh Rathore said, “Love your students & make them feel that they are the most important people for you”.
All the teachers expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Principal for enriching them with his pearls of wisdom.