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Numerous people-friendly initiatives were taken by the Government to uplift socio-economic status of people, especially those belonging to downtrodden and destitute sections, which were ignore by the previous Governments for one reason or another. It is really appreciable that with dedicated working and strenuous efforts of the Government, the Government is taking full care of ignored sections and appreciable success has been achieved, thereby bringing a major transformation in several sectors. In this regard, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India, and National Fisheries Development Board along with the Department of Fisheries, Government of Karnataka, Government of Goa, Indian Coast Guard, Fishery Survey of India, and fishermen representatives observed Sagar Parikrama Phase-IV which started from Mormugao Port, Goa. Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying, and Dr L Murugan, Minister of State for Fisheries, AH and Dairying launched the Yatra. The Yatra, proceeding along the Uttar Kannada coast, reached Majali from Karwar Port, followed by journey towards coastal belt of Uttar Kannada of Karnataka State. Sagar Parikrama Phase IV covered a total of 10 locations of 3 major coastal districts namely, Majali, Karwar, Belambara, Manki, Murudeshwar, Alvekodi, Malpe, Uchhila, Mangalore before culminating at Mangalore Townhall, covering other areas such as Malpe Harbour, Uchhila Village & shall continue till Mangalore Townhall. Sagar Parikrama is a program reflecting the far-reaching policy strategy of the government leading to the direct interaction with fishers and fish farmers to understand the issues of coastal areas and problems related to fishermen. It was welcomed by fishermen and fish farmers and other stakeholders with an open heart, who are taking it as an instrument of development in fisheries sector. The community interaction program proceeded by interacting with fishermen, fish farmers, beneficiaries, coast guards regarding their livelihood, food security from fisheries. This interactive session helped fishermen to come out with the issues faced by them and it will help in fisheries development. Fishermen and fish farmer raised issues like those related to supply of Diesel and Kerosene for boats, subsidy, or engine boats for fishing related activities, required support for old fishermen who are not fishing and who need social security, support required for developing fisheries industrial zone in coastal areas of Karnataka etc. Further, beneficiaries requested for events like the Sagar Parikrama in the coming time, support required for availability of sea ambulance, issues related to non-availability of identity certificate for fishermen, fish farmers etc., Also, formation of inter-state coordination committee was discussed. Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying was very pleased that an interactive session helped fishermen, fish farmers to share their ground realities and experiences and to come out with issues being faced by them. He discussed that the issues will be worked upon for improvement in fisheries sector development and spoke in detail about eliminating the critical gaps in the value chain of fisheries through implementation of schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojna and KCC for beneficiaries, fish farmers & fishermen. Approximately, 4000 fishermen, fish farmers and other dignitaries participated in the meeting at Malpe, Harbour Program. During the event, certificates/sanctions related to Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada scheme, KCC & State Scheme were awarded to the progressive fishermen, especially coastal fishermen, fishers and fish farmers, young fishery entrepreneurs etc. Literature on PMMSY scheme, State schemes, e-shram, FIDF, KCC etc. was popularized through print media, electronic media, videos, digital campaign through jingles among fishers for wide publicity of schemes. The program was a great success, with more than 10,500 people physically attending the event from different places and the program was live streamed on various social media platforms such as YouTube, and Facebook which was watched by around 20,000 people. The journey of Sagar Parikrama focused on developing the sustainable balance between the utilization of marine fisheries resources for the food security of the nation and livelihoods of coastal fisher communities and the protection of marine ecosystems, to bridge the gaps of fisher communities, and their expectations, development of fishing villages, upgradation and creation of infrastructure such as fishing harbours & landing centers to ensure sustainable and responsible development through an ecosystem approach in coming phases.

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