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Humiliation of Indian Army in Kashmir raptures anger in Jammu

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The reaction to a widely viral video showing an army truck being attacked, kicked and ransacked by a rowdy group of Kashmiri teenagers somewhere in the Valley seemed atrocious but that is how the anger rolled out, “Are they innocents; the guy ought to have been tackled sternly and mercilessly.” For a moment I was taken aback, listening to a ‘seasoned intellectual’ with his fingers clinched like an iron fist after watching a teenager hurling stones and kicking the army truck with his boots. In normal circumstances, the vociferous intellectual, a leading member of the gang of ‘liberals’ and ‘Award Wapsi Brigade’, would have held brief for the ‘innocent guys’ who forced the Sepoy on wheels alight in distress, but the outburst reflected common mood prevailing in Jammu, a part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which separatists, secessionists and even terrorists describe a single entity, craving for Azadi.
Jammu is rupturing with anger. Social media is flooded with posts, mocking timidity of the Centre that is willingly allowing its Army to become fodder for Pakistani stooges and lackeys in every street, every village and every square of Kashmir. Every new day dawns with newer ways of humiliating the armed forces. They are hooted and made to retreat. If this is the fate of the Army, the last symbol of deterrence, why should they be get out of barracks to handle the volatile situation in Kashmir? The nation is desperately watching Army Chief General Bipin Rawat eating up his words about dealing with mobs obstructing anti-terror and anti-insurgency operations. Ironically, the flak does not come from the perpetrators of terror but from the pseudo-secularists in Lutyens Delhi, who have systematically converted India into a banana republic. It is the encouragement terrorists and their cowards commanders are getting from liberal Indians that they are calling the shots.
See the level of bravado that the so-called successor to slain terrorist Burhan Wani is brazenly asking the people of Kashmir to keep posting the movement of armed forces for benefit of terrorists. The threats and intimidation by elements like the terror commanders does not evoke any response from the Award Wapsi Brigade or the pseudo-secularists, who have been espousing the cause of elements like Kanahaya Kumar and Umer Khalid of Jawaharlal Nehru University. The anti-national elements, sustaining at the hard earned money of poor Indian tax payers, leave no occasion in legtimising the actions of enemies of the nation by ranting “Bharat Ki Barbadi” and “Afzal Wali Azadi”.
Leave Pakistani stooges in the separatist camp aside, has there been a single day when the leaders of National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party have not denounced General Rawat for his remarks about obstructionists? On the contrary they keep condemning even defensive action of the armed forces while tackling stone pelters and India bashers? Did they (mainstreamists) speak a word against Zakir Bhat alias Musa for inciting Kashmiri lads, asking them to pick stones, not for Kashmiri nationalism or democracy but for Islam?”
Why is such a divergence in thought process in two divergent regions of Jammu and Kashmir? The same incident (video about army truck coming under attack) is viewed differently in the Valley, even by the so-called mainstream leaders, who remain in the forefront when it comes to enjoying loaves of power. A senior mainstream leader had cheeks to justify stone-pelters creating obstacles in the army operations against terrorists, saying that Kashmiris love their ‘Mujahids’. Such leaders are under two-tier security ring at their homes and while they move around. On the contrary, the second fiddlers of Kashmiri masters in Jammu prefer to remain silent, no matter how viral go the pictures or videos about humiliation hurled to Indian Army in the Valley.
If the observations like ‘army bashers should be tackled sternly and mercilessly’ can’t be accepted in a democratic country like India, too much of appeasement to terrorists and breakers of the nation too should not be tolerated. The Centre will have to take a view about fast deteriorating situation in the Valley where the armed forces have been rendered helpless by tying their hands. This is going to cost the nation dearly. Instead of ranting ‘misguided youths’, the Indian administration must see through the game-plan stitched across the border and aware the world opinion about misplaced misadventure of highly indoctrinated youngsters. They may be a headache for India as of now but eventually they can grow as a potential threat to civilized world, given the spread of virus like ISIS.

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