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High voltage political drama in Maharashtra


Omkar Dattatray

The business capital of the country – Maharashtra is passing through unprecedented political drama and crisis in its politics where the coalition government of MVA has been reduced to minority, but the chief minister belonging to shiv sena is reluctant to resign and is not in fact resigning from the post of the chief minister and thus is continuing the minority government in Maharashtra against all democratic norms and proprietary. There is worst ever revolt and rebellion against the Shiv Sena and its Supremo Uddhav Thackeray by a tallest legislator of the party who has incited and made to rebel a sizeable number of 39 legislators from the Shiv Sena. The rebelled group headed by legislator Eaknath Shinde is camping in a hotel from past so many days and the group has given an ultimatum of the withdrawal of support to the coalition government of MVA headed by Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray. An odd number of only 16 legislators are now rallying behind Shiv Sena chief and the chief minister and these political developments show that Uddhav government is in minority and the constitutional proprietary demands that the chief minister Uddhav Thackeray should put forward his papers before governor and resign thus make room for the installation of a democratic majority government. The love and opium for power is so strong and it does not allow the chief minister to step down in spite of being in minority. It is learnt that Uddhav Thackereay wanted to resign but NCP chief Pawar prevailed on him and prevented him to resign. Thus had Uddhav left his official residence and decided to live at Mathushree and this was the indication that he is going to tender his resignation but later on changed his mind under the influence of Sharad Pawar. A piquant political situation has developed in Maharashtra wherein the chief minister of the minority coalition government of MVA is reluctant to resign and as such does not resign from the chief ministership against all democratic norms. The chief minister is vowing to fight the battle of power not only in the assembly but at the streets. The continuing the battle for power and supremacy will be fought on the streets is the refrain of hardcore Shiv Sena leader and Raj Sabha MP Sanjay Rawat. With the rebellion of Shinde against the MVA government headed by Uddhav Thackeray and Shiv Sena there is Shiv Sena versus Shiv Sena and Uddhav vs Shinde in Maharashtra in full swing and this does not augur well for the future of the Shiv Sena and it seems that it is becoming very difficult for the Uddhav to pilot the ship of Shiv Sena as there is spilt in the organization. The bigger challenge for the chief of Shiv Sena is how he will save his government and the shiv sena from the downfall. There is an open war of words between the Shinde camp of Shiv Sena and the Uddhav group and the pertinent question is whose Shiv Sena is real as both the groups claim that their group is the real Shiv Sena of Balasahib Thackeray but Uddhav has declared that his Shiv Sena will not allow any body to use the name of Balasahib Thackeray for making political dividends. Uddhav has ensured that the deputy speaker of the assembly should take measures to disqualify the rebelled legislators from the membership of the assembly and accordingly has the deputy speaker issued notice to 16 rebel legislators to the effect as to why they can be disqualified from the membership of the legislature and has asked the rebelled legislators to reply the notice up to 5 PM of Monday. It is very undemocratic and unbecoming that the battle for power has spread to streets and the Shiv Saniks belonging to Uddhav camp are going on rampage and attacking the properties of the rebel group and there is an atmosphere of insecurity of fear among Shinde group and they are demanding security to their life, family and their property. The supporters of Uddhav are resorting to violence against Shinde group and there is big resentment and anger among Shiv Saniks belonging to Uddhav camp and hooliganism of Shiv Sena is very unfortunate and has no place in a democracy and as such should not be resorted to and instead the battle for power should be fought constitutionally and democratically. The battle for power and the political crises has now reached Supreme Court as Shinde camp has challenged the action of issuing notice of disqualification by the deputy speaker in the top court. The three rite petitions have been filed in the supreme court, one regarding the issue and the jurisdiction of the deputy speaker of issuing disqualification notice and asking for the reply to the notice up to 5 PM of Monday, and another petition regarding the issuing of the threats of bringing dead bodies of the rebelled legislators from Guwahati and yet third one is about the withdrawal of support to the government. Thus is the Shinde group requesting for safety to their lives from the highest court. The cases have been listed for hearing on 27 of June and the division bench of the court has opined that the rebelled legislators should be given the time up to 11 July to reply the disqualification notices and has also asked the state government to provide and ensure the security of life to the persons of the rebelled legislators, their family members and properties and the state government has given assurance of security to the rebelled legislators. The Supreme Court has also said and ruled that up to 12 of July the next date of hearing the statuesque should be maintained and no disqualification should be made. The supreme court decision has come as a short in arm for the Shinde group and it is a great relief to the rebelled legislators while it is a big setback to the Uddhav camp and the deputy speaker. The apex court has issued notices to all concerned including to deputy speaker and the centre government. The Shinde group has also said in the court that they are withdrawing support to the MVA coalition government. There is great political activity and hustle and bustle going in Maharashtra politics. The meetings are being held by all the political parties including the partners of the MVA and out of the meetings the solution of the political crises will come out. The single big political party in the state the BJP which was hitherto in a silent mood has now come in to active mood and its chief and the former chief minister Devinder Fadnavis is holding core committee meeting to find a solution to the political crises. There is big possibility that the Shinde group of the Shiv Sena and BJP may join to stake claim to cobble a new collation government as Shinde has claimed that BJP is the natural allay of the Shiv Sena so they may align to form next coalition government. There is every possibility that the Shinde group will contact governor and will demand the conducting of the floor test to determine the majority at the floor of the house. So floor test will be demanded by the Shinde camp even before the next date of the hearing by the Supreme Court as there is no binding not to hold floor test by the top court. The way BJP core committee meeting is held in the house of the Fadnavis point to the fact that in the days to come the BJP along with the Shinde group of 39 legislators will stake claim for the formation of the coalition government in Maharashtra. The BJP which up to now had kept cards close to its chest is now openly making efforts to cobble a coalition government with the support of the Shinde group of rebel legislators. In the meanwhile the Shinde group may bring no confidence motion against Uddhav Thackeray government of MVA and they are sure to be successful in the floor test and ultimately the coalition government of MVA will fall very soon and make room for the installation of the new coalition arrangement to bring the political crises in the Maharashtra to end soon as all eyes are set on the political turmoil and crises of the state and the political crises is hogging limelight through print and electronic media. The political activities have gained momentum and the political meetings are taking place in Mombai, Guwahati and now in Delhi. In Mumbai at the residence of Davender Fadnavis meeting of the BJP is going on at the time of penning down of this write up and Fadnavis has left Mumbai for Delhi to meet the BJP high command. Shinde has also left Guwahati for Delhi and it is learnt that the meeting of Shinde will take place with Fadnavis and with the top BJP leaders to find a way out of the crises. It is also certain possibility that Fadnavis and Shinde will work out a plan of alliance and request the governor to order the floor test. Meanwhile BJP has asked all its MLAs to remain in contact and stay in Mumbai for two days and it points towards some big political development is in cards. At the same time NCP is also holding meeting and looking how it can make contact with the Shiv sena rebels camping in Guwahati. It seems that the solution of the Maharashtra crises will come through meetings from Guwahati to Delhi and in the present case the way out of the crises is through Delhi. Governor has sought the detail of the files passed in haste on 22, 23 and 24 June by the Uddhav government. To sum up it can be hoped that the political crises will end very soon and pave way for the formation of the new government which will be stable. The political crises in Maharashtra can be called as ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’.
(The author is a Columnist and
Social Activist).

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