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G20 Summit -Masterstroke of Modi

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Omkar Dattatray

Holding the crucial and historical Meeting of G20 tourism working group in the heart of Kashmir that is in the city of Srinagar is not an ordinary thing but is extraordinary feat accomplished by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and to put it into implementation and practice by the LG Manoj Sinha and for the successful conduct of the G20 meeting both the PM Modi and LG Manoj Sinha deserve appreciation. With the medium of the third tourism working meeting Modi has in fact used this forum to slap its neighbour Pakistan who was objecting the holding of the G20 meeting in Kashmir.
With this masterstroke Modi made it certain and clear that Jammu and Kashmir is an inalienable part and parcel of India and the world leaders accepted the Indian stand about Kashmir and in fact endorsed it by being taking active past in the fruitful deliberations about the potential of tourism, film tourism and the G20 meeting gave impetuous to the economy, handicrafts, handlooms etc, all and the exploitation of the untapped potential of Jammu and Kashmir will surely result in cultural, social and economic development of Jammu and Kashmir and there is not an iota of doubt about this happening.
The successful conduct of the grand international event has given strengthen to the India’s standing and position about J&K and it has given sleepless nights to Pakistani rulers who are not tired of raising redundant issues now and then, but Pakistan which is failing as has been given proper message which is clear and loud that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and no power on earth can snatch even an inch of its land.
G20 meeting has made Pakistan and its terrorism agents uneasy and restless as the real position, pulse and feel of Jammu and Kashmir has been appreciated by the foreign delegates and the freedom and liberty of the Kashmiris has been seen by the delegates. The world representatives have come to know about the changed situation and atmosphere of Jammu and Kashmir and they have got a firsthand knowledge of the peace ,progress and development of Jammu and Kashmir. The G20 has appreciated the positive and encouraging change in the ground situation of Kashmir and the delegates have seen that the terrorism is on its last leg and very soon will the residual terrorism if any will be destroyed and the land of peace, mutual harmony will fast return to complete normalcy.
The peace loving and hospitable people of the union territory deserve to be complimented and appreciated for their role in making the grand event of G20 a total success. The delegates on their own have seen that the Kashmiris and Jammuites are enjoying human rights as other people of the Indian states are enjoying and the Kashmiris are free to express their views on anything and the Pakistan’s unfounded allegations of the human rights violations have been exposed and the G20 has made it clear that there is no human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and there are no takers if the Pakistan’s illogical statements on so called human rights violations.
The G20 meeting in fact will open enormous opportunities for the employment for the local educated youth and it will also boost the tourism, travel, handicraft, handloom, hospitality and apple industry and all this will be a favour for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Besides the rich cultural heritage, communal harmony and diverse and composite culture was appreciated and so was the change and reformation for better.
LG Manoj Sinha has rightly commented that during G20 Summit meeting, the world witnessed awe inspiring socio-economic progress of Jammu and Kashmir.
In fact our fast and inclusive growth and sustained efforts to boost tourism is attracting world attention.
The three-day meeting of the G20 countries has infused new enthusiasm, new energy, confidence among the people.
Every section of the society participated enthusiastically in the G20 meeting raised the stature and prestige of the people and the government on the international scale and platform. The success of the G20 was not possible without the warm response and support of the Kashmiris. The overwhelming response and participation of the people of J&K brightened the name and fame of Jammu and Kashmir in the globe.
The G20 meeting in fact is the beginning of the new era of peace, progress and development of Jammu and Kashmir.
Besides the fervor and festivity around the G20 meeting was the reflection of transformation and change in Kashmir for which all of us should take pride.
Dr Virandra Sahi Director for War Decorated India said that the decision to chose Jammu and Kashmir as well as Ladakh as the venue for the epoch making Group 20 meeting is a masterstroke of Modi government that is bound to prove a game changer for the region, which also put our adversary countries in their place.
He termed the successful conduct of the G20 meeting as an end to false propaganda of Pakistan about Kashmir. Also falsehood about Kashmir and its human right violations has been and danger to Islam have been destroyed and Pakistan has been exposed for its falsehood.
The delegates of about sixty countries saw with their eyes how Islam is flourishing and how the majority community of Jammu and Kashmir are freely professing, practicing and propagating their religion and Pakistan’s falsehood stands rejected by the foreign delegates of the G20 event.
The art, culture, development and trade facilities are bound to attract the FDI’s in tourism which was main purpose of the G20 meeting.
The traditional culture and hospitality of the J&K socked in grand Indian traditions earned the deserving praise and left a mark on the delegates of the G20 countries. Senior leader of BJP Devender Singh Rana said that Kashmir’s enthusiastic response to G20 summit is a rebuff to Pakistan.
He further said that Kashmir has given a clear and loud message to the world that Kashmir is not what the motivated and misguided people say and the strikes, bloodshed, bands, stone pelting and violence are the things of the past and today there is peace, normalcy development and Kashmir has moved a long way from violence. Thus Kashmir has totally changed and transformation has took place and this was seen by the G20 delegates and it is a matter of satisfaction.
To conclude it can be safely and rightly said that G20 meeting in J&K has been meticulously been crafted by the Modi government and it can be called Modi’s masterstroke.

(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist).

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