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G20 has opened new chapter of Peace & Development in J&K

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Omkar Dattatray

It is a welcome development that G20 has opened new vista and chapter of peace, positivity and socio economic development. The G20 meeting has brought a change in attitude in Kashmir and about Kashmir in the minds of people at home and abroad. It is very encouraging that everything is changing very fast including the impressions and understanding of the people about the Jammu and Kashmir. In fact a new chapter of development, progress and prosperity has not only begun but is taking firm roots and benefitting the people of the union territory. It is very encouraging and positive that there is all round and wholesale change and development which is a positive sign for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.G20 has heralded and ushered a new Jammu and Kashmir where the militancy and insurgency of the last over three decades is dying fast and in its place the people of Jammu and Kashmir are for change ,peace and prosperity and they abjure violence and this augurs well for the economic, social, cultural and spiritual health of Kashmir.
A new dawn of change, peace and progress has begun after the successful conclusion of G20 meeting and big milestones in the spheres of social, economic and all round development are taking place and attracting the attention of the world.
This new Jammu and Kashmir is in the interest of the local residents and also good for India and the world at large.
G20 meeting has not only promised the change and development but in fact the era of change, favorable atmosphere and peace has not only begun but is taking deep roots and it is very encouraging thing for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, India and the world as well.
The people of the world look towards Kashmir with great hope and expectation from the people of Jammu and Kashmir. There is discernable change in the tourism sector and lacks of tourists are visiting Jammu and Kashmir and adding to the economy of all those who are directly and indirectly associated with tourism.
The people of Jammu and Kashmir are warmly welcoming the tourists and showing Kashmir’s hospitality for which valley is famous in the World.
Modi government and the LG administration encouraging the tourism both urban and rural and all the allied sectors associated with tourism and this is a big development and favor to Jammu and Kashmir .There is great scope for film industry and the changed circumstances and good and favorable conditions of Jammu and Kashmir after more than three decades of militancy and because of this the lull in the bollywood industry has now come to an end and according to union minister Hardeep Singh Puri the film industry of Jammu and Kashmir will be developed and the film stars and actors and directors will be encourage to come for shooting films to Jammu and Kashmir as the scenic spots are the favoured destinations of the bollyhood .This coming of the bollywood to Jammu and Kashmir for shooting of the films is very encouraging and this has become possible due to change for better in the conditions .As the militancy is counting its final days the tourism and film tourism is gaining ground and it will provide employment opportunities to a big number of the local youth .Besides this the local talent will be searched and encourage to take part in filming and acting and this will attract the local talent in the countries film industry and it will be a favor for the people of Kashmir which is due to them. The fast changing scenario and peace and normalcy is going to attract Indian and foreign investment in the different sectors of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir .The favourable and changed atmosphere of Jammu and Kashmir is attracting investment in trade and industry and the Modi’s ease of doing and single window system and total digitization is opening new vistas of investment and development and it will augment the job opportunities and increase the per capita income of the people and this will result in the increase in the living standard of the people .The government of India and the UT administration is encouraging investment both Indian and foreign and thus huge investment is coming to J&K and helping the UT to develop and prosper .The changed atmosphere and favourable conditions are the guarantee to the corporate investors that they will get the return on their investment-ROI and this in fact is the litmus test for investing in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir .Because of this changed scenario and favorable atmosphere the investors are being attracted and thus huge investments will flow in Jammu and Kashmir’s industry and different sectors of its economy .The G20 has led to significant change in the ground situation in Kashmir as the success of the crucial and historical summit points towards the fact that situation in Kashmir is changing for the better and in this lies the good of its citizens .All negative and anti national elements who were opposing the G20 meeting at the behest of Pakistan proved wrong and now they as well are in favour of peace and progress and this is a good development for the Jammu and Kashmir .Kashmir is fast returning to normalcy and again becoming a paradise on earth in Firdousian sense and embracing film stars, corporate houses and others associated with tour and travel. In short it is very encouraging and positive that a new chapter of change ,peace and prosperity has begun and changing old and negative notions about Jammu and Kashmir.
(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist).

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