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Falling allies

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The end of twenty-five years old alliance between BJP and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra was on the expected lines as both stood their ground on the issue of chiefministerial candidate and number of seat sharing. Differences persisted with deliberation going on for two-days. The fact is that even during the Assembly elections of 2009 BJP had a far higher strike rate than the Sena even though it contested in less seats. Sena it seems has failed to realise the fact.  BJP was not ready to acknowledge Sena’s growing strength in Maharashtra and that Sena would not tolerate humiliation from its poll partner. Buoyed by the Lok Sabha results in which the BJP-Sena alliance won 42 of the 48 seats, the BJP had upped the ante and demanded 135 which the Sena was not willing to give. Even this time smaller parties of the alliance have lined up with BJP. Udhav Thakre is not a patch of Bala Saheb and at present Sena has no second rung leadership. But even though BJP is on a stronger winning wicket, it simply does not exist in large parts of Maharashtra. After the death of Gopinath Munde the party has no strong face to lead especially for the Chief Minister’s berth. As far as Congress-NCP alliance is concerned, despite all bravado it is heading to take drubbing. Sharad Pawar, the Maharashtra’s strong politician seems to be losing out to the new emerging aspirations-oriented politics unleashed by Narendra Modi and Congress as usual failed to deliver on governance front. The emerging scenario in Jammu and Kashmir seems to be the same. The National Conference and Congress spilt ways immediately after the Parliamentary election debacle with BJP covering some untapped areas. The outcome has made BJP buoyant by giving itself a figure of 44+ with an assumption some smaller outfits who hold a say may join hand with BJP for the Assembly elections. With recent floods and devastation the political canvas is going to change and won’t be different from the Maharashtra outcome-end of Coalition Government.

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