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EPFO Jammu resolves technical issue hampering transfer of PF record



JAMMU: Employees Provident Fund Regional Office, Jammu, with the efforts of its team of dedicated staff, on Monday rectified a technical issue pertaining to M/s. Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited due to which thousands of PF members of the firm were not able to withdraw their PF accumulations transferred from the JKEPFO.
Ever since the Regional Office has started settling claims, the journey till now has not been smooth. Many issues cropped up in the process of transition of records from JK EPFO to EPFO. A major roadblock which posed a big challenge to EPFO, Jammu, which successively became a serious cause of concerned was- inability of withdrawal of P F amount (for the period prior to November, 2021) transferred in respect of Establishments (whose records were transferred by J K EPFO after October, 2021, and Annual Accounts were processed by EPFO).
Such amounts (transferred by J K EPFO) could not be properly accounted for and members were not able to withdraw their P F accumulations, as J K EPFO had credited interest only upto January, 2021.
Accordingly, matter was taken up with I S Division to provide a technical solution (to change date of credit of amounts), which could be expedited through personal intervention of the Central P F Commissioner (who advised I S Team to complete the technical solution in a time bound manner). Once the above solution was deployed, EPFO, Jammu could rectify the date of credit of most of the Establishments viz JKSRTC, JKSFC and some major Contractor of Bari Brahmana Industrial Area and Samba Industrial Area.
However, data related to M/s Chenab Textile Mills (P F Code Number JK/JMU/2037331) could not be pushed smoothly for change of date of credit.
This had recently become another major cause of concern for the Office, as this could have resulted in large scale unrest amongst Industrial Workers of Kathua. The matter was also raised by local BMS leaders, who visited EPFO, Jammu recently and met Commissioner Rizwan Uddin. They were apprised about the roadmap covered so far (by 16th June, 2022 almost 9000 records of M/s CTM could be rectified). Consistent efforts were made in this behalf and successive communications were sent to the Head Office, EPFO. All concerned Officials were being updated of issues being faced in EPFO, Jammu. Finally, on 19.06.2022, Chief Technical Officer, EPFO advised his team member S Baskaran, D D, IS to facilitate processing of records. With the help of the I S team, Officials Jammu worked continuously on 19.06.2022 (Sunday) and pushed the entire data of M/s CTM by 4.51 AM on 20.06.2022.
The team overcame the technical hurdle with the assistance and coordination from the National Data Centre of EPFO, situated at New Delhi. Towards this, the Regional P.F Commissioner constantly remained in touch with the officers of NDC including with Ms. Shanthi Sivaraman, Deputy Director (IS), and S. Baskaran, Deputy Director (IS). The team under the leadership of Rizwan Uddin, RPFC – I, included Ajit Mishra, RPFC – II, Sanjeev, AO and Ketan Saxena, SSSA. The sheer determination and dedication of the team members is evident from the fact that they went beyond their call of duty to attend Office in the night shift to solve the problem.
This has brought a great respite to all concerned including the Management of M/s Chenab Textile Mills, who have raised their concerns about a probable unrest in the Mill. Now all the retired employees would be able to withdraw their P F accumulations without any hassle.

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