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Ensuring safety of girl child


Sunaina Malik

At last, the wounded soul of a 8th class student, Tabinda Gani, who was brutally raped and murdered in cold blood, while coming home from school on July 20, 2007, got solace when her four rapists — Azar Mir, Sadiq Mir, Suresh Kumar and Mochi Jahangir Ansari were sentenced to death by a Kashmir court on April 24, 2015.
This is not the only case of brutality against women, but our society has witnessed infinite number of such incidents which have bowed down the head of humanity to its least level.
As per the official records, rape is the fourth most common crime in India and according to the report of National crime record bureau for the year 2021, India registered 31,677 rape cases; out of these 96 per cent are committed by those who are known to the victims.
In every 20 minutes, one woman is raped in India. Irony is that despite of the awareness through media and punishment from the court, the highly condemnable incidents of rape are showing an upward trend with every passing day.
If, we take the example of Delhi, after the conviction of culprits of Nibhaya rape case , rape cases got doubled to 359 from 143. Safety and security of girls has become the greatest challenge in today’s society.
Parents of a female child are living a stressful life because of such incidents. They become uneasy when their daughters are away from them. It has been noticed that because of this fear, some parents prefer not to send their daughters for higher studies or for exploring better opportunities in their lives. Some even do not feel good to possess a girl child and indulge in the unlawful activity of terminating pregnancy. The consciousness of whole humanity shatters, when we come across the news of rape of minor girls of 4 to 5 years of age.
Any parent would weep on imagining the condition of any such victim child, who even does not know what this all nonsense is. At this point, I am very apologetic to say that the killing of an innocent in her mother’s womb is even better than her rape and brutal murder after birth.
Following are some of the most practical steps for the complete burial of rape monster:
(1) Rape resistant clothes: Rapists first set their eyes on minor girls who are too vulnerable to protect themselves. So we first need to insulate them from rapist attacks. As we all know prevention is better than cure. In order to protect our minor daughters from the horrible invasion of a rapist, we should provide them a special type of garment which should be made of a material that can even resist the action of any sharp-edged weapon. This special garment must be fitted with four locks which should be coded. Garment manufacturers must give a design to this innovative thought. This garment would fully insulate our minor school-going girls as because of this garment, the rapists would not have an easy access to minor school-going toddlers.
(2) Education of male child: Mothers can play a great role in enlightening their sons about the respect and honor of a female right from their childhood. This way, we can edify them. Once they get improved morally, they would surely see the women around them with respect. We can also make them to comprehend about the erroneous effects of lust in his life. If uninterrupted fall of a drop of water can create a hole in a stone, mothers in no case would fail in pushing their male children on the path of virtue.
(3) Check on vulgarity: Everybody is conscious of the verity that there always lives a Satan in humans. This Satan comes out of his sinister world to ruin the prized life of an innocent child when it is animated by some vulgar provocation in films or fashion industry. These two industries are not leaving any stone unturned in polluting our society with their despicable and vulgar effects. Some actresses and models, just to earn riches, descend to the cheapest level of displaying their bodies. Irony here is these vulgar women remains impervious because they live in protected colonies and move around in escorted vehicles, on the other the price of this dirt is paid by our poor girls in the form of their rapes by beasts . There is a need to clip the wings of such actresses and models for the “core” cause of this evil.
(4) Moral education: Moral education can fabricate a sort of ozone layer over humanity which inhibits all type of wrongs to enter in human dwelling. There is a dire need to install a subject on moral teaching in school curriculum in all government and private schools. Time and again effect of ethical lessons would help in exterminating the weed of crimes from our society.
(5) Dress code: I am quite certain that today every woman is sentient about the awful effect of vulgar outlook, so every girl should think of her own self about the type of outlook they espouse, which in no case can attract the lustful eyes of anti-social elements. In the end, I would like to say that by keeping the doors open one cannot anticipate that wrong doer would not attack, so we need to plug all the access points of a rapist by adopting the above cited suggestions.

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