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Emotions don’t give right to riot; time to expose instigators


In the immediate backdrop of arson, loot, plunder and mayhem unleashed by the so-called prospective ‘army men or Agniveers’ against the Agnipath scheme rolled out by the Indian Air Force, 94,000 patriotic, energetic and disciplined young boys and girls have applied for 3,000 vacancies in just four days. The registration will come to close on July 5 and, therefore, the number of applicants is likely to surge manifold. Though the protests have simmered down considerably, those in the forefront of the violence must be cooling down their boots under the shadow of conspirators. For sure, none of them must have applied for the vacancies because they had not to. Most of them must be the ‘well-paid muscle men’ of the inimical forces, which are commandeered to take to streets to destabilize the nation and the democratically elected government.

Such a mega response after the nation was rocked by a well orchestrated but violent protests, targeting rail network in particular, raises a pertinent question as to who all are instigating people to resort to mayhem on one and every issue-be it Farm Laws, Common Civil Code, National Citizen Register or Hijab row. The country has undergone a worst phase of destruction. More is feared yet to come-all on the excuse of emotions getting trampled. But do emotions give anyone the right to riot?
Seen in hindsight, it is amply clear that the protests beginning from Shahenn Bagh to Jahangirpuri, the modus operandi had been the same. In one or the other protests, the hidden hand of the Peoples’ Front of India remained omnipresent. This must have worried the perpetrators, who feared the majority community getting consolidated, which it did. So the ‘politics of violence’ was given diversion by raking up the Farm Laws and Agnipath-the issues not pertaining to any particular community. Ironically, the Agnipath witnessed large scale arson of public transport, especially the railways.
Does the current politics of fire have any connection with the arsons the country witnessed horrendously? Nehru-Gandhi scion and senior Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had on May 19 ‘warned’ during the Chintan Shivar of his party, “The fight has just begun, and in the coming days you shall see how India will be set on fire”. The Congress warning echoed again with Priyanka Gandhi telling the Agnipath protesters on June 19, “…This scheme will kill the youth of the country, will finish the Army… Please see the intent of this Government and topple it. Bring a Government that is true to the nation, protects the country’s assets”. It is a classic crusade of the Congress to dislodge the Narendra Modi government since its inception in 2014. The nation has not forgotten how a senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had sought for the removal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to solve the Kashmir dispute when he begged of Pakistan, in a television interview during his visit to Islamabad on November 17, 2015, Hamein Le Aaiye, Inhein (Modi) Hataiye (Bring in Congress, remove him). This is the political bankruptcy of the nation. Those finding themselves very uncomfortable out of power resorting to dirty tricks, not only to dislodge the opponents but to destabilize the nation as well. This ‘Jai Chand’ culture has encouraged the proponents of ‘Gazwai-e-Hind’ to intensify their tirade by putting the nation on flames over the issues of NCR, UCC, Hijab, Gyan Devi Mosque and others. Their violence has achieved alarming proportions with ISSI type throat slitting of a Hindu tailor, Kanahiya in Rajasthan. They had the spine to put their gruesome act on social media to scare Indians. Will India come out of the vicious circle created by the enemies of the nation-in this case the pseudo seculars? The times are certainly very challenging and difficult. The country has more danger from the pseudo of the majority community who miss no opportunity in defaming the country and destabilizing its very foundations. This has made the task of inimical elements and nations easier to exploit the emotions for igniting riots with the sole objective of weakening and balkanizing India. In their sinister pursuit of achieving political objectives by launching violent protests, the enemies of the nation have crossed all the red lines to target the armed forces by making youth fodder of their canons.

(To be continued)

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