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Eid few days away, markets are reporting less footfall of customers

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SRINAGAR: Ahead of Eid, major markets in Srinagar such as Goni Khan market, Maharaja Bazar and Jamia Market in Nowhatta look deserted, with local shopkeepers waiting for customers even as many traders offer Eid discounts. This situation is becoming a big threat to the local markets and the main reason for this is online shopping as people, especially women and young girls, prefer online shopping instead of local shopping.
The Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) is making a fervent appeal to shoppers to prioritise purchasing from local physical stores rather than opting for online shopping.
In a statement, KTMF President said, “In light of the ongoing challenges faced by the local retail sector, KTMF emphasises the importance of supporting local businesses during this crucial time. By choosing to shop in physical stores, consumers can play a pivotal role in sustaining local businesses and ensuring their continued operation.”
He highlighted several key points to prefer local shopping, stating, “Buying from local stores directly contributes to the vitality of the local economy. Every purchase helps local businesses survive and flourish, maintaining the unique character of marketplaces. Additionally, physical stores provide essential employment opportunities. Shopping locally helps safeguard these jobs and supports the livelihoods locals.”
“An enhanced shopping experience is also one of the key factors, as physical retail stores offer a shopping experience that online platforms simply cannot match,” he said, adding, “The ability to see, touch, and try products, coupled with personalised customer service, creates a unique and fulfilling shopping journey. One of the significant advantages of shopping in-store is the instant gratification of taking your purchases home immediately, avoiding the delays and uncertainties of shipping.”
KTMF President further emphasized that physical shopping strengthens community bonds. “Supporting local stores improves a sense of community and helps maintain the cultural and economic diversity that defines our region.”
“As we prepare for Eid, a time of joy and generosity, KTMF encourages all shoppers to consider the broader implications of their purchasing decisions,” he stated. “We at KTMF appeal to consumers that by choosing to shop locally, you are not only finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones but also ensuring that our local businesses thrive during this festive season and beyond. Let’s come together to make this Eid special by supporting our local stores and celebrating the spirit of

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