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DoPT coordinating institutionalised capacity building of civil servants: Dr Jitendra



NEW DELHI: Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh on Wednesday said that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) is coordinating institutionalised capacity building of civil servants and for this purpose, an integrated approach is being followed with active involvement of Capacity Building Commission(CBC), Department of Administrative Reforms (DARPG), LBSNAA Mussoorie, Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) and ISTM.
Last 8 years of the Modi Government have changed the very ethos of governance in India, said the Minister.
Chairing the 3rd brainstorming session on Mission Karmayogi here, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the three important pillars of capacity building are that of implementation of national priorities, citizen-centricity and how best and fast to adapt to new and emerging technologies. He, however, underlined that an ideal public administration must be competitive, efficient, cost effective and accountable to deliver good governance.
Dr Jitendra said, Mission Karmayogi will propose to the government for collaboration, coordination, sharing and action, which is the very essence of Capacity Building Commission. He said, with 60 Ministries, 93 Departments and 2600 organisations, enough demand is likely to be generated for appropriate training of civil servants in tune with the rapidly changing technological landscape.
Dr Singh expressed satisfaction that after 75 years of independence for the first time, India has its own Capacity Building Framework. He expressed hope that India will help and augment the civil services framework of 73 odd Commonwealth Countries, which inherited British civil service as a legacy. The Minister said, with time the Global South will share the best governance practices with Global North.
Dr Jitendra said, the imperative need of shift from “rule” to “role” in governance is essential to meet PM Narendra Modi’s goal of New India and live up to its aspirations. He said, the era of generalists is over and this is far more relevant to Administration as we are entering the age of super-specialisation. He said, a civil service ‘fit-for-purpose’ and ‘fit-for-future’ requires a competency driven capacity building approach that focuses on imparting competencies critical to discharge its roles and that is exactly the main goal of Mission Karmayogi.
Dr. Jitendra stated that present governments can use the learning of traditional, historical knowledge and recent administrative reform attempts to further improve governance and achieve the goal of Maximum Governance, minimum government.
The Minister expressed hope that Mission Karmayogi will be a key enabler in continuously augmenting and enhancing delivery, and over the time will be able to support in achieving the goal of $5 Trillion economy set by the Prime Minister.

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