The Bold Voice of J&K



In its series of initiatives to ensure quality healthcare facilities for the resident of Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, the Government has taken numerous significant steps in the recent past, which are now yielding the positive results as desired. It is only due to dedicated efforts of the administration and the far-sighted vision of Government, that now the people of Union territory are getting quality healthcare services, that too at affordable prices and at their doorsteps. On one side, where the existing health institutes are being upgraded with ultra-modern facilities on the other hand, several new prestigious projects are near completion and will be dedicated to the people very soon. It is only due to serious implementation of the various schemes and other healthcare programmes in letter & sprit that the Union Territory is now emerging at top in the list, in comparison to several other states and UTs. In this regard, as per the latest reports, the Union Territory has witnessed unprecedented decline in Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) during last one year, which is really a matter of satisfaction. Pertinent to mention here that IMR in Jammu & Kashmir has witnesses a decline from 20 to 17 in just a year, which is far better that the IMR’s national average, which stands at 28 as per Sample Registration System (SRS) 2020 report released by Registrar General of India (RGI-SRS). It needs to be mentioned here that IMR is a crucial health indicator, which indicates number of deaths of children up to one year of age against per 1000 live births. It is only due to dedicated efforts of the healthcare employees, especially those working under National Health Mission (NHM), who worked hard in ensuring necessary medical facilities and awareness among people, in rural and far-flung belts as well, for well-being of new-borns and expecting mothers, that IMR has witnessed such a significant decline. The further good thing is that the Department for Health & Medical Education is still putting in place persistent & tireless efforts so that essential neonatal care is not only kept restricted to few selected health institutes but is made available at all Government health institutions across the Union Territory without any failure, so that the coming generations can enjoy a healthy and diseases-free life.

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