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Congress stalwarts themselves making ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’


Dear Editor,
The facts so far coming to fore reveal that even Congress Stalwarts have themselves started to make Congress-Mukt Bharat and fulfill dreams of BJP. Such a situation has been created where the senior leaders who took birth in Congress are quitting Congress en masse alleging the treatment meted out to them was a dent to their self-respect. In his comments, G N Azad said that instead of ensuing Bharat Jodo Yatra, a Congress Jodo Yatra is must at present time. He got worst hurt on attaching to him the false allegation of ‘speaking language of BJP’. He exerted that he would never join BJP.
While people aspiring for a change in the central dispensation and are looking up to the only National party capable of challenging the ruling party, the Congress itself is getting shattered due to its in-party fighting. Gandhi Members of the party at this juncture have to understand the situation and give due regards to the public voice. It is pertinent to say that the leaders like Nitesh Kumar, Tejaswi Yadav and others have came closer to Congress and at the same time several influential leaders, uncomfortable with ruling party, would also be happy to strengthen Congress party. I would like to appeal to the Congress High Command not to forget the national interest and find out a viable solution to stop disintegration in party by forgetting personal interests at all levels.
Santokh Singh Komal,
President, Live & Let Live Society of India (LLLSI).

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