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Congress grass weeded out in Kashmir; what about Jammu?

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JAMMU: India has hugely succeeded in combating the Congress grass-a weed and the white hair of a plant containing a chemical known as Parthenim that causes multitude of allergies in humans. In Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress grass had become a real nuisance but the resolute effort of the Valley people contained it substantially. However, Jammu gave it maximum nourishment, which is why it had spread its tentacles, not only in the rural areas but urban centres as well. But for the Narendra Modi tsunami in 2014, the Congress grass would have wildly spread across the spectrum. Though the growth has steadily been halted yet the roots remain there and according to experts this obnoxious weed can be eradicated only by uprooting it manually. Jammu people will have to go for a final and determined bid to free Duggarland from poisonous and highly allergic Congress grass.
The Jammu grown Congress grass has been unique in many ways. Its characteristics have surprised the experts and scientists in the field as well. It retains secular character but inflicts venomous allergy selectively. In a way this grass too has become pseudo secular.
The Jammu grown Congress grass turns soothing when coming into contact with masters from the Valley. It becomes virulent for those who have nourished and nurtured it over decades.
The most disliked Congress grass has become synonymous to many of the Jammu Congressmen, who are like overgrown and overage wolves which bite even after having lost their teeth. Biting is second nature of wolves and the adage goes that wolf may lose his teeth but not the nature. Jammu Congressmen have largely ditched their supporters to earn the favour of others over the decades. They have enriched themselves by exploiting valiant people of the land of Dogras. At the cost of their miseries they have created castles for themselves. They have attained respectability by abusing their very own people. They behave like beasts while being amid own people and turn tamed pets when surrounded by their masters across the Valley.
What has been efficacy of Congress for the Jammu region except adding to its woes? Its leaders never mustered the courage to fight for just cause of their people for the fear of annoyance of their leaders in the Valley. To retain loaves of power they compromised with the dignity and honour of Jammuites. To demonstrate their secular credentials and loyalty towards their Kashmiri captains, they never hesitated to harass and humiliate their own people. To please their bosses in the Valley they always made the people of Jammu scapegoats.
Facing the worst type of political wilderness, the Jammu Congressmen have not learnt the lessons. They are naive to corrections, which has made them completely vulnerable and irrelevant in the changing political space. They have lost their sheen but not their arrogance. Humbled in successive elections for their unpardonable sins committed against this hapless region, the Congressmen continue to nurture the aspiration of growth.
As agriculture scientists believe that there are some crops and weed species which can give a befitting smothering effect to the Congress grass, the political pundits also feel that shrinking of political space to the worn out Congress is the only way out to save Jammu from exploitative politics. Therefore, an onerous duty is cast upon the people of Jammu to unplug the support system to venomous Congress if this region has to grow as a self-respecting and self-supporting land of Dogras. The proud Jammuites will have to unveil the real face of the Congress that has given them nothing but pains. The people of Jammu will have to rise and break the shackles of exploitative politics that has been the core of the Congress. This war will have to be fought with same zest and zeal as agriculture scientists are combating the Congress grass. Time has perhaps come when proud Jammuites will have to ensure Congress Mukt Jammu.

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