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Check drug mafia to save younger generation: Team Jammu

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JAMMU: Expressing its anguish over tragic death of a youth Rahil Kumar, who became victim of the menace of drugs here in Rajiv Nagar area, Team Jammu on Monday warned the authorities against adopting casual approach in breaking all powerful police-politicians-drug lords nexus in the city and adjoining localities.
Team Jammu sought to draw attention of the government towards deaths of three youth in Jammu city last week due to drug addiction.
A delegation of Team Jammu this evening visited the bereaved family of Rahil Kumar, who died two days back due to excessive consumption of drugs. The delegation assured the bereaved family that fighting against drug menace will be continued till eradication of this menace from Jammu region.
“Tragic death of Rahil Kumar is just a tip of an ice-berg, everyday drugs claiming lives of youth and teenager but the authorities have maintained a criminal silence. Except some cosmetic exercise nothing has been done so far”, Zorawar Singh Jamwal, |Chairman of the Team Jammu said after visiting the bereaved family. He observed that the helplessness of the government to crack-down politicians-police-drug lords nexus is an indication that drug mafia is more powerful than the State machinery. “It appears that drug mafia has influenced the whole State machinery because authorities are helplessly witnessing unabated deaths of youth due to drug addictions as mute spectators”, he said and cautioned that patience of common masses are running out.
He pointed out that protest against police and drug mafia at Narwal Bye Pass National Highway near Rajiv Nagar, after death of Rahil Kumar is a warning signal for the authorities because people are fed up with the cosmetic exercises being conducted by the authorities against drug mafia. He warned that government must gauged brewing anger among people. “It is high time for the take some effective steps otherwise people will be forced to come on streets against drug mafia”, he cautioned and added that some tainted police officers, who are notorious for hand in glove with drug mafia should be relieved of important postings.
“We want that serious allegations levelled by wailing family members, relatives and residents of Rajiv Nagar pertaining to involvement of some identified Cops must be investigated threadbare and made public so that a strong and strict message goes to blacksheep in police department to desist from their nefarious design for want of money. Only then senior police officers can earn applause from general public,” asserted Zorawar Singh Jamwal and further appealed to all the political parties and elected MLAs to come forward unitedly on the issue of Drug menace and make a stringent to crush Drug Mafia from J&K.

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