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Chamliyal: A holy place where two nations bow!



India and Pakistan are twin nations which are by part to each other in the shape of Line of Actual control, Line of Control and International Border for more than 950 km along the ring line of Poonch, RajourI, Akhnoor of Jammu, Samdu, Balar of Samba & Maniyari, Sanji-Morh of Kathua districts of Jammu & Kashmir state and Nagri-Bamyal of Punjab state.
But amid intrigues and retaliatory action in the shape of Samdu, Balar, Narayanpur, etc border comprising of the Ramgarh Sector included a sacred place known as Chamliyal on the extreme borderline among both of these countries. To which place both countries’ people would used to venerate at the Dargah of Baba Chamliyal consistently in own in the shape of fairs at their counterpart soils. At this place thousands of the pilgrimages from both the countries used to sanctifying their aspirations with the obeisance during the fair which is celebrated on the event of 3rd or 4th week of June every year.
This extreme border junction is well known among both countries for its sacred qualities in the almighty of Baba enshrined in a great Dargah which is known for its holy water bath and soil- gel for remedial effects upon the skin diseases like itching, scabies, rashes, etc. This is another sacred quality for which it is red lettered place in Indio- Pak history that it realizes us about the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood among the people of the both nations since before 1947 when they used to live in a major country like undivided India then.
The history of the Chamliyal – Dargah reveals that before 1947 when there was not any separating line of control, emerging not as now-a- days separating two countries like India and Pakistan. Then there might be the dwellings in which the people comprising Hindu and Muslim community would used to live with peace and harmony. They would have approved the examples of the brotherhood and friendship for the Hindu-Muslim unity. Then Baba Daleep Singh Manhas was adventuring his life span in very easy manners there also. Then there located number of such dwellings consistent to each other in which large number of Hindus and Muslims used to live on par belief phenomenon towards each other!
Baba Dalip Singh Manhas during night would used to visit a Muslim house located in his neighborhood dwelling known as Saidanwali now perching in Pakistan where Muslim community was outnumbering to the Hindus. While leading so Baba would have amicable relationship with the hosting family. Meanwhile some people of this dwelling have started raising some kinds of suspects for the host family likely may Baba had some intimated relations with them, so some miscreants cannot sustain it so more and they started to pursue the steps of the Baba.
While during one night Baba was returning from where towards his house meanwhile in the way some miscreants had trespassed him and beheaded there him into darkness. According to people of the area, Baba would used to recite the tales of the old myths along with its suitable stanzas/ slogans for which he was quite famous in the area then. And hosting family would used to hear so during night because at that time people would get together during nights and spent their times while hearing jokes and old tales. In the same way when he was beheaded in the way Baba was in running stage towards his house so his head was fallen at the same place which is now located in Pakistan called Saidanwali and rest part of his body including arms along with belly and legs had reached at his home place at presently at which place the imminent Dargah located in India known as Chamliyal.
It is said that after sometime Baba enchanted the people of both dwellings and appear into their dreams and scolded skin diseases like itching, rings, scabies, rashes, etc. This process remains for a long time causing people of both the counterparts in order to regard him as their Demi-God and install with these holy Dargahs at respective places. So in his sweet memory the jury of elders since olden days of both the countries have announced to celebrate with a grand fairs every year at the last Thursday of June of every year, where people from the different corners of the countries would used to visit and offered with sanctification at its holy feet.
Dargah on Indian Territory is under jurisdiction of B.S.F which used to play a significant role in its management during the commemoration of two days fair. Though B.S.F is assisted by other agencies in management purposes and on the counterpart site Pakistan Rangers would also used to celebrate a week long fair and people comprising relatives of both the nations, who were divided among nations and due to financial problem they cannot seek visas to visit at each other would used to met by the medium of this fair since from very beginning of this Mela.
In very beginning of this fair the poor relatives across the borderline would used to meet each other because relation among both the countries were not so embittered then and such tenable situation of now-a- days was perverted. But during recent past due to some odds and evens among both nations such a prohibition have aroused across the complete borderline. Despite that of the mystic view of this place is somewhat mystical in itself yet when water and clay from India to Pakistan has been transported especially on the occasion of this festival. In memory of which residents of the surrounding villages comprising Dug, Shame-chak, Mahrajpur, Chhowni, Abtal, Jerda, Ramgarh, etc would used to serve with cold water- stalls and other audible items ( Chabeels) in the way for visitors.
The recent last visit of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha of J&K (UT) at this place and declaring it as tourist hub have aroused a hope by aspiring to opening up of a bilateral trade route among Indo-Pak can enhance its importance imminently in strategic and economic manners, which is a good massage for people living there along Chamiliyal- belt.
Though, district administration has shown up great fervor along with the concerned committee of the locals on June 23 this year. May it bring hope of good verse among both the nations and people living among both these countries!

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