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Can Valley leaders prove their secularism by electing non-valley Muslim CM?

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Discarding Indo-Pak Foreign Secretaries meet of 25th instant by India because of inviting Kashmir Valley separatists and conducting meetings by Pak envoy at Delhi flouting the understanding reached between two PMs to have talks only between two nations, Indian PM Narinder Modi had exclusively conveyed to the Pak PM on their meeting after the oath ceremony of Indian PM to conduct any talk within the frame work of the Shimla accord signed by Indira Gandhi and Zulfakar Ali Bhutto, the then PMs.
Pakistan, separatists and Valley centric political leaders including State governing NC have made statements in support of Pakistan act with the plea that such meetings between Pak and separatists were being conducted as precedence during the regimes of past Indian governments. Vajpayee led NDA government is exclusively pointed for it but they have no mention of sending Pak President Mushrif back from Indian soil for his betrayal by the then PM Vajpayee.
Separatists and Valley main stream leaders are seeking the implementation of UN resolutions and desperately insisting for the induction of Valley Muslims in the Indo-Pak talks.
The UN resolutions then agreed by the two nations have a systematic steps among which the first step asks Pakistan to vacate occupied part of Jammu and Kashmir state by handing over to India to have its complete administrative and defense control. The Valley leadership including separatists if are really interested for implementation of UN resolution should fight to get POJK vacated by Pakistan. They should ask militant outfits to oust Pakistan from the POJK soil and ensure Indian control over the state to seek next resolution step to implement.
The statements of these political leaders seeking induction of Valley Muslims in Indo-Pak meetings has exposed their status as being not with the nation but support the separatists who are over ground workers of the militant outfits. These political parties are recognized for contesting elections, sending elected to Indian Parliament and to State assembly including formation of State Government strictly under the Indian Constitution and State Constitution which is sub-part of the Indian Constitution and not an independent constitutional structure. They take oath under the Indian Constitution which they can’t breach. These parties insistence for induction of Valley Muslims in Indo- Pak talks undisputedly proves that these political regional parties are not representing the entire State and are confined to the Kashmir Valley alone. Thus their recognition requires cancelled and re- recognised as Kashmir Valley regional political parties.
Valley leadership is exclusively getting all benefits from the Indian public exchequer and is bound to be loyal to nation in political and private life. The NC poses its founder Sheikh Abdullah to remain in jail for the Valley interests have never let the people know that he was never sent to any jail during that decade but was kept under house arrest living in the then State Circuit Houses in State winter and summer capitals. These buildings are either now used by State Ministers or DGP. He was house -arrested because of his anti-national activities to achieve his goal to wear the dynastic crown like ex- Maharaja Hari Singh.
The State Government is keeping the separatist leaders under house arrests but permit them to move for any place on this planet for their treatments and other necessities including meeting with Pak envoy is not an arrest but simply to provide them all the benefits covered by the national public exchequer including their security like VVIP.
The character of the Valley leadership is extensively exposed that they are confined to Kashmir Valley and are in support of separatists who are the over ground workers of the Pak sponsored militant outfits. This Valley leadership believes and exists on particular families who are patronised by the Nehru-Gandhi family.
A Jammu based Congress leader . Sham Lal, Minister in the Coalition Government, has time and again raised voice for Jammu statehood, Jammu regional council and now for Hindu state CM. He is rightly speaking on the ground realities and not on political gimmicks. If they are really secular why they have not elected any non-Kashmiri Muslim as the state CM? Secular flare is in the rest of states where the majority Hindu population has elected Muslims and other non-Hindu to become CM even President of India or to work on the top-most post of any department. Can the Valley leaders prove their secularism and so-called Kashmiri culture to adjust, adopt and togetherness by electing any non-Valley Muslim as state CM if they come in majority after the coming Assembly election? Perhaps it shall never occur.
State must recall the last nearly six years of the NC-Congress Coalition Governing which has dragged the State people to all the troubles for day to day necessities, failure of those departments which are directly under CM control. CM gimmick of AFSPA revocation though he chairs the United Command for the internal State peace where all the heads of security and home, defence bureaucrats brief the Chief Minister who share the decision taken by this command to counter the militancy and other similar violent designs of the anti-national elements is simply a cover to his governing failures.
The Jammu region must recall the role of Congress, NC, PDP and separatists who were instrumental of creating Baba Amranath land issue and targeting Jammu people violently. This coalition Government has let scot free the trained Valley stone-pelting youth from all the violence charges where as inspite of agreement drawn between State head and Sangharsh Sameeti the Jammu region people are still facing the criminal cases framed by the State Government in the 2008 Jammu region agitation. The bias ed Coalition Government and Valley centric leadership need rejected in the coming Assembly election by the Jammuities.

Er. Jitender Kohli

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