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Blithe disregard of morality


Rajesh Pathak

Philippines is one of the places where Europe had its earliest footholds in Asia . In 1565 Spain occupied it, and those governed it were mostly Christian missionaries and churchmen. It is remembered as ‘Missionary-empire’ in the annals of history therefore. Oppression; heavy taxation and, obviously, forced conversion to Christianity was prominent feature of the regime under Spaniards. Many Chinese kept coming here mostly for the trade. But now they too were forced to adopt Christianity. But when they refused to yield, massacres of them were organized. ( P-556, ‘Glimpses Of World History’ – Jawaharlal Nehru)
For which it had been notorious over the world in history that Christian missionaries are blithely engaged in its ways of work in India even today. And in how many ways? nobody could know that with the mind of a simple man ! The country has no lack of such people who have converted into Christianity and still bear Hindu sounding names. Such people are called as crypto- Christians. Ex-Chief Ministers duo, late Ajit Jogi and YS Rajshekhara Reddy, were said to be two of them . The modus-operandi of the crypto- Christians might put many into utter surprise, the instances of which could be seen elsewhere. Last days whenRajysabha elections were there what Rajdeep Sardesai commented is notable- ‘To know difference in style of functioning between BJP and Cong just look at their Rajya Sabha lists: BJP rewards many with strong local connect in their home state; Cong accommodates many who don’t even belong to a state. One is a sharp ‘political’ list; the other ‘loyalist’ adjustment.’ Among the ones enjoying close affiliation with Gandhi family, why Sardesai had to comment so needs no explanation. The visible pain and impatience in him are reflected out of deep desire to see the political wisdom somehow dawn upon the Congress, and the day come when entire world may get to be witness of the downfall of BJP !
KR Narayan has been proudly mentioned as first ‘Dalit’ President of India, whereas his grave lies in Christian cemetery! Notably, having been suffered with the social-discrimination, the schedule caste (SC) community are given the benefits of reservation in the Article -341. But in the provision made by Babasahab Ambedkar those who have adopted Islam or Christianity are no longer considered as Dalit, and thusmade deprived of the benefits of reservation. How then KR Narayan had been held as ‘Dalit’ is highly surprising .
YSR Reddy’s father adopted Christianity. Later when YSR’s daughter Sharmila wanted to wed with Brahmin youth, Anil Kumar, living in America, she could do that only when he had embraced Christianity. And then he grew in prominence as a Christian preacher ‘Brother Anil’. As YSR became Chief Minister it is said that the evangelization events held by Anil Kumar drew the people in droves. Voices ,too, were raised against such events making the people forsaking Hinduism by deception. But nothing happened as Sonia Gandhi’s UPA government was there at the centre.
Now the new CM of the state, Jagan Reddy, is taking forward the legacy of his father, YSR. The brother of her staunch Christian mother, Subbareddy was made the President of Hindus’ ‘Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Trust’ by none other than Jagan Reddy. He even wished too far to divert the property of Devasthanam for other dubious purposes. Thanks to the protests made by Hindu organizations that he thought it wise to backtrack.

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