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It is everyone’s dream to become self-reliant and this is actually the best quality in a person. If a person becomes self-reliant, then he moves forward facing every difficulty and gets himself out of trouble easily. By becoming self-reliant, every person can cooperate fully in the upliftment of himself, his family as well as his country. India has been a country full of resources since ancient times. By making all kinds of things here and using them in our life, we can help in building our nation. India is the only country in the whole world where maximum natural resources are found, which without the help of any other country can make things from life to nation building and fulfill the dream of self-reliance. Due to the Corona epidemic, the whole world has been closed for the last several months, due to which small people to capitalists are facing huge losses and problems. Especially the problem of earning food for our small and middle class families has increased a lot. Exchange of goods from any country is closed due to Corona epidemic. That’s why during the lockdown in the month of May, our Prime Minister has called upon the country to become self-reliant. He also gave the slogan of “Local for Vocal”. Which means using and promoting locally made items and moving forward as an identity. For the last few months, the world has been closed due to the corona virus epidemic. Because of this, there is a cloud of financial crisis all over the world. In this episode, India has decided to make itself self-reliant and take the nation forward. Due to the lockdown, there has been a huge impact on the products of the whole world, so India has taken its step forward on the progress of the country by making itself self-sufficient. In view of all these situations and to meet the basic needs of India, the Prime Minister has appealed to the people of India to make India self-reliant and self-reliant. India is also slowly moving in this direction. If our India becomes self-sufficient, then the country will get many benefits from it, which will be very helpful in the progress of the people and the country. Self-reliant India will increase the number of industries in our country. Our country will have to take less help from other countries. More employment opportunities will be created in our country. This will help in getting rid of unemployment as well as poverty in the country. India’s economic condition will be very strong. With becoming self-sufficient, India can store a lot more things.
In future, the country will be able to import less and export more from other countries. In the event of a disaster, India’s demand for help from outside countries will be less. Manufacturing indigenous goods in the country will help in taking the progress of the country to the top. Towards self-reliance India has taken its first step towards self-reliance by making PPE kits, ventilators etc. and we also have to make our dream of self-reliant India come true by contributing in this. We need to use indigenous items as much as possible so that we can contribute in making our country self-reliant and our nation forward.

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