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Be rational during stream/subjects selection in Grade XI: Principal JKPS Kunjwani



JAMMU: “21st Century students may not be subjected to conventional career options, when innumerable non-conventional career choices are available for them. Now children must keep pace with the rapidly changing times” stated the Principal JKPS Kunjwani Rajesh Rathore while speaking to a group of students seeking admission in Grade XI and their parents.
“In current times, while there is no dearth of information available online, it requires a brilliant display of career choices available for children. Principal addressed the parent as well as the students, who are about to embark on their Senior Secondary school journey. He appealed students “to introspect their inner self, aptitude, competence and caliber till date. If their inner-conscience doesn’t allow them to pursue a particular Stream or subject(s), then they shouldn’t make up their minds at all. They must listen to their inner-self, as natural interest in the pursuit of any course of life fetches fruits beyond expectations”. “However, opting for any particular Stream, which goes beyond the comprehension level or liking of a student, then it never brings the desired results”, added the Principal.
“A child is the extended self of his/her parents. Whatever parents failed to achieve, they wish to achieve that through their children. Parents should never impose their decision against the will of their wards. If a child doesn’t want to pursue Science stream, then parents shouldn’t put pressure on their ward to study Science. He appealed parents to exercise control over their long-cherished unfulfilled desires, as children pay a heavy price, while fulfilling the wish of their parents under pressure”, the Principal added further.
Highlighting the importance of the streams available, the Principal started with the stream of Humanities, as a student gets to study History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Language & literature. Humanities can be a great choice for searching of career in diversified areas, as the wide range of subjects offers great career options, namely, the most coveted UPSC exams, Management (CAT), Judiciary (CLAT), Mass Communication, Hospitality industry, Politics etc.
Commerce field is all about learning and studying subjects related to trade, business, finance, and economics. This is also one of the most preferred streams of education by students who wish to embark upon a career or profession into MNCs, Banks or even entrepreneurship. The important subjects to study in these fields are English, Business Studies, Economics, Accounts, Applied Mathematics and Computers, Physical Education. Aspirants may search their career in various avenues, namely, as Chartered Account, ICWA, Company Secretary etc.
Science has always been the most sought after & fascinating among all the streams to study in, but it’s also very challenging, as the science subjects demand a high IQ level. It’s a stream that can be pursued and perfected only with competence and dedication. The main subjects to study in science are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
Calling oneself a Science student and touching the bottom after every round of Home exams is never a big deal. Quoting Dr. Verghese Kurien, the Milk Man of India, on the occasion the Principal stated, “Whichever field you choose for yourself, always stay on the vertex”.
Boosting the morale of students, he cited several examples, wherein students achieved their goals. He quoted the examples of JKPS alumni, who are doing fabulous across the globe. He promised parents on behalf of JKPS family to extend the best possible support to children, if they hold a rational view while finalizing the stream/ subject selection for their wards.