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Be beholden to omnipotent nature for survival

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It is well said, ” In the ancient times, the primitive man was happy because he was living in harmony with Nature”. Homo sapiens in the olden times were in deep motherly relationship with the bountiful and the highly magnificent Mother Nature. Our worthy forefathers and ancestors were worshipping the nature as revered divine mother of all the species and fellow travellers in the cosmos. We have Human kingdom, Animal kingdom, Birds kingdom, flora and fauna etc. Human kingdom happens to be the most enlightened, organized and progressive. Life on earth planet would proceed smoothly till the moment of eternity. If mother nature is happy and is not disturbed or recklessly destroyed for petty materialistic gains pushing all other fellow travellers to the brink of total extinction, holistic peace and ecstasy would prevail for ever . Nature is self regulated and self sustained entity drawing inexhaustible energy from infinite godly resources. It shall be highly significant to underline the universal fact that the magnanimous and merciful Nature has immeasurable bounties in her divine treasures to fulfil the genuine needs of not only humans but all other fellow species but not their insatiable greed. Keeping this logical point in mind, let us endeavour to understand as to what NATURE is and what are her inalienable segments and components, her significance , Overuse and misuse of natural resources , adverse consequences as well as the priority of launching sustained campaign to comprehensively preserve the huge natural resources to avert crisis of extinction of life on Earth planet.
Definition of Nature
The simplified version of Nature may be stated as ‘ All those things which have not been created by human beings but by SUPREME BEING. The whole of universe is made up of five elements 1. Earth, 2 Water, 3. Fire, 4. Air, 5. Space. Similarly all the species belonging to distinct kingdoms inclusive of Human kingdom comprise the same elements , so they are not only complementary but also dependent on each other for survival. We have innumerable STARS, PLANETS and GLAXIES in the universe which are self regulated by the grace of invisible GOD ELEMENT as experienced and perceived by prominent Scientists during the course of their sustained research odyssey. The omnipotent nature operates in perfect harmony for welfare of all the living beings until and unless some drastic change is required for ultimate well being of all living things , has become a dire necessity at the cost of minimum loss of life on earth. This is the beauty and benevolence of mother nature. Mind it pl, Mother never hurts without plausible reason and cause . This, we notice and experience in our day to day activities.
Blatant Exploitation of Nature by the Modern Man
Modern man at this crucial juncture has gone berserk in pursuit of his evil misadventures. He has become habitual of turning a blind eye towards his misdeeds for being engrossed in his lust for amassing disproportionate materialistic possessions, property and wealth for worldly enjoyments at the cost of inflicting huge loss and irreversible damages on gullible fellow travellers on this planet. In this twilight hour Human kingdom has become too possessive and over ambitious by indulging into excessive exploitation of Natural resources. However, virtuous NATURE manages everything possible for making the life of human beings more comfortable and enabling them to take due care of all other lower species who are not equally and fully developed in comparison to Homo sapiens. Their intellect is comprehensively developed. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the Human kingdom to treat the other significant species on equal footing and extend them needed liberty to live on the principle of peaceful co-existence sans fears of being pushed to the point of undesirable extinction. At the moment things are not moving in the positive direction. Exceedingly progressive, arrogant and driven by obnoxious instinct of maintaining supremacy and hegemony over all other kingdoms and the fellow travellers, man is indulging into gross violation and killer neglect which is taking heavy toll of all other the important constituents of this universe. Let us diligently examine.
Basic Bhartiya Culture Ethos and Moral Vavlues bot being adhered to
From the perusal of our History we observe that moral as well as cultural Education has been systematically and mischievously deleted from the syllabus by the authorities that be, which became instrumental in distracting and discontinuation of proper cultivation of positive Sanskars, Ethics and values in the tender minds of our upcoming young Generations with regard to their role and responsibility towards guarding and ensuring fool proof protection of our huge natural resources. Resultantly focus has shifted from Service to Money. In the ancient times teaching and farming were considered to be the noblest and the most preferred professions. However, at this crucial juncture, the scenario has turned upside down. Our joint family system was unparalleled and productive, wherein the basic moral teachings used to be imparted right from the day of conception on wards. ‘ Matre devo bhav’, pitre devo bhav, atithi devo bhav, acharya devo bhav, Bharat mata, Gou mata, Ganga mata, Prakriti mata, Sarve bhavantu sukhina, GOD is omni present, omni potent and omni scient, Ahinsa parmodharma, Rashtar sarvopari, Aparigraha ( not to amass material wealth more than the actual need), ISHWAR PRANIDHAN ( leaving things to God which are beyond our control) and many more. These were the basic and greatly significant primary cultural values being cultivated in the families and the educational Institutions. At the moment this is grossly missing. How we can fill the gap and address it on top most priority is the burning need of the hour.
Decline can be checkmated with concrete action
The crux and indispensable message is ” Respect Nature as divine mother,Stop harming Nature forthwith for excessive and unsustainable development, Stamp out production and usage of plastic in totality. It is dangerous for one and all. Look for suitable and fool proof alternatives. Adopt and implement system of organic farming. Desist from destruction of forests , mountains , rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies etc, for unwanted and undesirable development. Mind it pl, we owe our life and survival to mother nature, therefore , let us be grateful and respectful to Nature for peace and happiness in this universe . The Mantra is ” Plant a tree, Plant a hope of sustainable growth and survival .”

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