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Army comes to rescue; hate-brigade in hiding

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Dear Editor,
More than two decades ago, certain disgruntled elements with a perverted mindset, within the Kashmir Valley, in the name of Islam and at the behest of foreign elements, started a movement that turned out to be ugly and disastrous. In their zeal to be seen as acting faithfully on behalf of foreign elements, they first forced Kashmiri Pandits out of the Valley. These elements did not stop at one goalpost but continued with their aim of putting Jammu and Kashmir on the road to greater disaster by destroying peace and tranquility in the State. They exhorted young boys to pelt stones on army personnel.
Now, in this hour of crisis, when army personnel are doing the most commendable job of rescuing people from marooned areas, self-proclaimed representatives of the people are conspicuous by their absence. It’s perhaps because their negative mentality has nothing good to offer. Will this tragedy now transform the hearts of these nefarious elements?
J. L Ganjoo

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