Why should parents let kids choose their own careers?

Surjit Flora

Every individual has a unique journey to navigate in life, and it’s crucial for parents to respect their children’s choices and not impose their own desires on them. In The Teaching’s of Don Juan, it is mentioned that selecting a path with no heart will make every step a struggle, while choosing a path with a heart will allow for a lighter journey.
Parents have a significant impact on guiding their children’s academic journey, from choosing subjects to shaping career decisions. Parental guidance is important, but it’s also crucial to allow children the freedom to explore their interests and make their own decisions, particularly when selecting courses to study.
Of course! Parents should refrain from dictating their child’s career path.
They won’t be the ones working at this job for many years to come. Their well-being is not being affected, neither mentally nor physically. It’s hard to fathom how a parent can decide their child’s career path. The responsibility lies with the child to finish their education or training for their chosen career. It is crucial for individuals to prioritize their passions, interests, and abilities when selecting a career path.
What lifestyle are they aiming for? What income level are they aiming for? There’s a lot to think about. Are they interested in office work, hands-on work, shift work, working with people or machinery, pursuing further education for years, or opting for minimal job training? Are they looking to live a lifestyle that demands a substantial income? How much stress are they able to handle? What kind of job would bring them joy?
Others cannot make these decisions because they are personal. Choose a career that aligns with your own aspirations, not those of your parents.
Many parents hope their kids will pursue the same career path as them, especially if they’ve been successful, as they can provide valuable support and guidance. It’s much simpler to assist someone when you understand the challenges, they will face to reach their destination. Parents, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds, often focus on their profession to ensure their children have a better future. Research indicates that minority families, particularly those who are on the brink of poverty, are seeing their children experience poverty in adulthood.
It must be really challenging for a parent after putting in so much effort. They’re rooting for your success and are eager to assist you with their expertise!
Unfortunately, a lot of parents who try to impose their decisions on their children are motivated by narcissism. They’re feeling really proud and are excited to create mini versions of themselves.
Here’s the deal: It’s perfectly fine to desire that your children pursue a similar path as you. It becomes a significant issue when not considering each child’s preferences and trying to force them into it.
To inspire your children to emulate you, strive to become the kind of individual they naturally aspire to be.
Many of my friends have pursued engineering due to parental pressure. I am familiar with an individual who excels at photography and is interested in enrolling in a visual communication course. His parents strongly disapproved of such “low-class” courses. He has not completed his first year yet because of several pending papers.
Encouraging children to select their courses promotes exploration of various subjects and the discovery of their passions and interests. It also offers them an opportunity
Allowing children to choose their courses gives them a sense of responsibility for their education, which boosts their motivation and involvement.
They are committed to taking ownership of their academic achievements and actively pursuing ways to thrive in their studies. The job market is evolving rapidly, so being adaptable and versatile is crucial.
(The Writer is a veteran journalist and freelance writer based in Brampton)

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