WCC recognises Srinagar as World Craft City


SRINAGAR: Srinagar has been officially recognised as a World Craft City by the World Crafts Council (WCC).
This prestigious honour underscores the city’s rich heritage and the exceptional skills of its artisans, whose dedication and artistry have earned global acclaim.
Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha expressed his heartfelt congratulations on this monumental achievement, stating, “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and exceptional talent of our artisans. It validates their dedication and highlights the cultural richness of Srinagar. We are committed to supporting our artisans and ensuring that this accolade translates into tangible benefits for the community.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown steadfast support for Jammu and Kashmir’s handicraft and handloom sector. He actively promotes the region’s handicrafts by presenting souvenirs crafted by J&K artisans to world leaders, thereby enhancing global awareness and appreciation for the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the region.

The recognition as a World Craft City is a testament to Srinagar’s longstanding tradition of excellence in handicrafts and handlooms. This acknowledgement will have a transformative impact on the sector, fostering growth, sustainability, and innovation. With increased global recognition, Srinagar’s crafts will gain enhanced visibility on the international stage, opening up new markets and opportunities for artisans. The sector is likely to attract greater investment and funding, aiding in infrastructure development and introducing modern techniques while preserving traditional methods. Artisans will have access to advanced training programs and workshops, further honing their skills and fostering innovation in their craft. The increase in demand for Srinagar’s unique crafts is expected to boost production, leading to job creation and improved livelihoods for artisans and their families.
Tourism in Srinagar is also set to benefit significantly from this recognition. The city is expected to draw more tourists interested in cultural and craft heritage, providing them with immersive experiences of the vibrant artisan communities. The city’s cultural and craft heritage will attract tourists seeking authentic experiences, including visits to artisan workshops and cultural events showcasing Srinagar’s vibrant crafts.
This achievement is a heartfelt recognition of the extraordinary efforts of Srinagar’s artisans. Their unmatched skill, creativity, and commitment to preserving traditional crafts have sustained these arts through generations and placed Srinagar on the world map. The city’s crafts, ranging from Pashmina shawls and Kashmiri carpets to intricate woodwork and papier-mâché, reflect the region’s cultural soul and artistic genius.
The Director of the Department of Handicraft and Handloom also emphasised the significance of this recognition, saying, “We are incredibly proud of our artisans and their remarkable contributions. Being recognised as a World Craft City is a dream come true and a motivation to continue our work with even greater passion and dedication.”
The designation of Srinagar as a World Craft City marks the beginning of a new chapter for the city’s handicraft and handloom sector. The Department of Handicraft and Handloom remains dedicated to supporting this vibrant industry and ensuring that the artisans receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve. Srinagar’s crafts continue to flourish and captivate the world with their beauty and craftsmanship. Notably, this success follows Srinagar’s recognition as a UNESCO Creative City for Crafts in 2021.

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